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Crave the date

It only just occurred to La Cieca that the opening night of New York City Opera’s 2013 season—the premiere of their new production of Powder Her Face—is February 15, a date that sounds oddly familiar somehow.

Sunk costs

More bad news: “New York City Opera’s musical library and archives, located 75 Broad St., have been damaged by water that all but filled the basement of the building. Hundreds of boxes were submerged from at least Tuesday until the room was drained Thursday. Although the exact contents are not known, the archive included Playbills, recordings and sheet music that could contain notes by legendary conductors such as Erich Leinsdorf, Julius Rudel and others.” [Wall Street Journal]

George sent me

La Cieca is sure it’s nothing, nothing at all, but she does think it’s curious that (per a tipster) George Steel has quietly called a staff meeting for NYCO tomorrow, with further confabs with the union reps scheduled for early next week.

All for the best

George Steel announces that New York City Opera is destroying, giving away or selling off most of its stock of repertory productions.

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Tony award

For decades New York City Opera was a model of an organization with a clear mission.

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Lyre’s poker

The Underworld as corporate boardroom, Pluto a “suit,” the damned a bunch of clerks tapping away at laptops.

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From Hell

“About the only good thing that can be said for New York City Opera’s Orpheus, which opened Saturday night, is that it made the rest of the company’s feeble season seem scintillating by comparison.”

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Boy meets ghoul

Now New York City Opera has given us a “Così Fan Tutte” starring the undead.

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She’s fallen and she can’t get up

“New York City Opera performed La Traviata at BAM Sunday afternoon. That’s who, what, where and when. But this was a performance without a ‘why’.”

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Broad Street Baby?

La Cieca hears that the New York City Opera is moving its administrative offices to 75 Broad Street, a location you surely remember as The International Telephone and Telegraph Building.  The a 1928 structure boasts  the mosaic dome glimpsed above, and (coincidentally) sits just across the street from the old Goldman Sachs building.

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