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Wig schlock

Despite the participation of venerable composer Carlisle Floyd, the only distinction Prince of Players can claim is as the worst drag show in Manhattan. [Observer]

  • Camille

    OH—-I’m very sorry to read this, very sorry, as I’d held out some hope it mightn’t be a drag, and instead……..well, maybe reading a few other reviews to see what else is said may help to get a bigger picture, but for now, thanks for the cautionary.

    That’s the case with so much “new music”, and to which I’ve been listening for at least forty years now: it already sounds old in many instances. I don’t know where the answer may lay for composers at this point in time.

    The only other opera by a 90 years+ composer I’ve heard was Elliott Carter’s What’s Next?, and that one I’m still mulling over, years later.

  • QuantoPainyFakor

    In the future, I think that Floyd’s Willie Stark will be assessed as one of the best American operas.

  • Camille

    Determined to fight my way through the Sargasso Sea of conflicting verbiage spewed on this new opera, to arrive on the golden shores of The Truth—

    —I toted out my kayak and fought my way through the storm to find this:.

    Now you decide. I’ve made my decision.