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There was a Hopper and his wife

New York City Opera will complete its season with “three major premieres” including the world premiere of Sunday Morning by David Hertzberg, the East Coast premiere of Stewart Wallace and Michael Korie’s Hopper’s Wife and the New York City professional premiere of Daniel Catán’s Florencia en el Amazonas. Here’s the complete press release.  

  • manou

    “The work explores the dichotomies between art and obscenity, high culture and indecency through the allegory of an imagined marriage between painter Edward Hopper and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, juxtaposing familiar icons of Hollywood’s golden age with stark depictions of desperation and depravity.”

    And no mention of their allegorical children Space ans Sri-Lankan?

    • manou


  • A more ambitious spring schedule than I would have expected, so that’s encouraging.

    I’m trying to figure out this program, though: Hertzberg (premiere), Golijov, Korngold, Zemlinsky and … Bach. Backwards ran the timeline until reeled the mind.

    Perhaps this is one of those Lantern Festival riddles for which there is a surprising and elegant solution.

    (“Who are five composers who have never been in my kitchen?”)

  • The press release fails to list the singers. What’s that all about? BTW, Opera Colorado offered “Florencia” a few years ago with Keith Miller in one of the starring roles. Maybe they’ll tap him here as well?

  • danpatter

    I’ve seen FLORENCIA a couple of times and really think it’s a wonderful opera. It’s time NYC got to see it.

  • Will

    After opening with Tosca, which I understand for sentimental/historical reasons but not from any lack of the opera on the NYC scene, I think this announcement is encouraging.

  • GRDowntown

    Patricia Racette rightly retired Butterfly and I was very interested in hearing Miss Hong in the role especially on the opening night broadcast. None of the other Hong performances is scheduled for broadcast and that’s a real shame. I did, however, hear the opening night radio broadcast and thought that Ana María Martínez was a fantastic Butterfly from beginning to end. The Sharpless also made a strong impression.