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November reign

A readers’ discussion of Gaetano Donizetti garnered the most pageviews of any parterre posting in November. The top ten postings are listed after the jump.  

  1. Queens’ throat
  2. Barton glances
  3. Apocalyptic post
  4. Wahn for a day
  5. Enigma variation
  6. We are all enfants de la patrie
  7. The magnificent amber daughter
  8. Too much virtue can be criminal
  9. Cherchez la femme (fatale)
  10. Roman candles
  • Constantine A. Papas

    Talking about Donizetti, Maria Callas, the Queen of belcanto, comes to mind. Today is Callas’ birthday. May her memory be eternal.

    • djedushka

      Vechnaya Pamyat