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If you wanna grind it wait till you refined it

Knickers-tossing was not the only racy bit at the Last Night of the Proms, apparently. Here Danielle de Niese throws an ecdysiastical twist into a medley from The Sound of Music.  

  • Krunoslav

    Ghastly--what a tone-free middle register. She makes Lesley Garrett sound like Lucia Popp.

  • armerjacquino

    I can see why she chose that particular lyric to do it. That’s got to be the worst verse ever written by a great librettist.

  • First of all, how on earth does she keep her right boob in that dress? She must be taped in. And she really makes me appreciate anew singers such as Rebecca Luker, Sylvia McNair, and Christine Andreas.

  • vilbastarda
    • I guess the child could be considered an Ubermensch.

    • Cicciabella

      There’s a theory that your name can affect your personality traits and choice of profession. I hope the wee babe doesn’t grow up to be a drunkard.

  • steveac10

    I shocks me every time I hear her just how mediocre she is. Somehow she’s managed to end up as a featured artist at a major event with about $75k worth of very conspicuous Van Cleef & Arpel’s diamonds on her earlobes. The mind boggles(and wonders if they’re borrowed or the hubby traded in one of his mom’s tiaras for them).

    • armerjacquino

      Or, you know, maybe she bought them herself. I understand women are permitted to shop now.

  • Tory Adore

    OT, but not to be missed- Herheim’s staging for the Norwegian National Opera. Wow- it has a strange emotional impact on me far from the usual maudlin expectations of this opera. parterrians do check it out. Opera Platform is a wonderful site- some might enjoy Sibelius’ ‘Kullervo’.

  • DerLeiermann


    This reference is killing me, Madame Cieca

    • armerjacquino

      It can also mean a stripper. De Niese gets rid of her shrug a couple of minutes in.

      • DerLeiermann

        It means stripper indeed. It’s a direct quote from “Gypsy”.

        “Some men have called me an ecdysiast. Do you know what that means? An ecdysiast is one who, or that which, sheds it’s skin. In vulgar parlance, a stripper. But I’m not a stripper. At these prices, I’m an ecdysiast!”

        • armerjacquino

          Yep, hence the Gypsy quote as the thread title.

  • Ilka Saro

    I made it as far as “raindrops on roses”.

    People can say what they want about Bieito and Herheim, but at least they are aiming for something higher than this homage to god knows what.

  • Julie Andrews she is not; but I have it on good authority she is 100 times nicer.

  • Camille

    She is such a charming and lovely young woman; I want to like her so much but, unfortunately, the voice is just not all that. Had hoped the pregnancy might help to fill in the voice a tad, as it often will, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

    However, she does enjoy herself and give joy to others, and that is no small thing. “Auch kleine dinge”, usw. Her Susanna was captivating in every way, except the voice, I am so sorry to say.

  • olliedawg

    So…it’s Last Night at the Proms, a kitschy affair at best. People are there to have a good time/sing-a-long/wave the flag, nothing deep or soulful is supposed to be on the program. I know the DDN haters out there will probably get in my face about this, but I think DDN has a more appropriate take on the proceedings than did JDD did last year (?) with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (which, much as I admire JDD, leaves me wanting to run out of the room). And, yeah, I agree DNN is not Lucia Popp, and the voice is kinda thin. I have, however, seen her live several times, and she’s a charming presence, trying hard to “put on a show”, have a good time, bring the audience into the action.

  • Gosh a bunch of people throughout the British Isle having a good time listening to and singing along with a pretty lady with a pleasant voice. What exactly is the problem? Her jewellery is too expensive? Her dress is too daring? Her voice is not to the taste of the all-knowing? Her bobbs are too big (ops sorry forgot she’s breast feeding it happens)? She gets too much publicity? It’s all too low class? Maybe this is being overthought just a tad?

    • olliedawg

      +1, Willym. Thanks.

    • Cicciabella

      Let’s hear it for Danielle! She can entertain a crowd, so bully for her.

      • I hadn’t realized that entertaining a crowd was a cardinal sin -- except on here. ;-)

    • Krunoslav

      So next time invite Kathleen Jenkins, or Paul Potts.

      No one expects to have Alice Coote singing “Abschied” at such an event, but it’s just a shame that this engaging popular sensation has in fact so little to offer as a representative of classical vocal art.

      • armerjacquino

        So is your objection to (a) anyone singing Rodgers and Hammerstein or (b) to de Niese singing it? Because if it’s (a), there’s a long tradition of classic American MT at the Proms, and if it’s (b) then ‘as you may remember, I dislike Danielle de Niese’ is a little more direct than this absurd hyperbole about Jenkins and Potts, neither of whom, unlike DDN, sings staged opera in major houses around the world.

        • Krunoslav

          No objection to R & H, as long as it is well-sung, which it sure isn’t here.

          No *personal* dislike; I too understand that she is meant to be a well-intentioned delight. But doing the best one can is all very well as a philosophy, but promoting the middling/bad results as Classical Music’s Future is another.

      • It’s a bloody end of term romp and I’m not sure anyone told DDN that she was “representative of classical vocal art”. And I still don’t see how not enjoying her performance or voice justifies making comments about her physical appearance, her dress, her jewellery or her child’s name. Other than it seems to have been subtly encouraged.

        • armerjacquino

          It’s the sexist snidery about her rich husband that always gets me. She’s been working since she was 15, and at the Met for 17 years. She’s got several recital discs and DVDs on major labels. She’ll have a slice of HANNIBAL which is one of the top 100 grossers of all time, she does a load of telly and she’s in regular employment in leads at major houses. If she’d never married she wouldn’t be hurting for cash. But there’s always something about ‘spending Gus’s money’ as if it was 1950.

          • steveac10

            I think you might be overestimating what a singer of her level might bring in on a yearly basis. Movie royalties for anyone less than a superstar do not exist, and never have. For soundtracks it’s upfront licensing fees. Recording hasn’t paid real money since the Three Tenors hysteria evaporated and the corporate bean counters took over. And a chorister at the Met makes more than a small handful of the singers on their roster. I’m sure it’s not much different elsewhere. Subtract commissions, taxes, expenses and setting aside for what will likely be a much earlier than normal retirement and you’re left with an upper middle class lifestyle at best.

            That means maybe some good pearls and a bit of borrowed bling for high profile gigs (where the loan can be noted in the credits). Not an appointment in the private area of a luxe jeweler or couturier. Those days are long gone.

            • armerjacquino

              Movie royalties for anyone less than a superstar do not exist, and never have

              Well, that’s not true. A folk singer mate of mine had her vocals used in one of the Harry Potters, and she gets a few grand a year.

        • olliedawg

          My only objection is to her dress — it’s dreadful. Other than that, Willym gets it right. People are supposed to have FUN at this event, and DDN tries her best to have a go at it. I don’t object to her voice, either. I’ve gritted my teeth through many a crappy performance by more than a handful of supposedly fabulous singers. Ragging on this lady for her style, her marriage (as if she hasn’t earned a lot of her dough through, ya know, singing), her desire to entertain, et. al. smacks of a whole other agenda at work.

      • olliedawg

        Hey, Krunoslave, maybe people just enjoy her singing. Probably philistines, idiots, and know-nothings, the lot of them, right?

        Bocelli, Jenkins, and other wannabes make my head hurt, but they’re someone’s idea of good singing. Whatever…what’s it to any of us if Joe Schmo enjoys Sarah Brightman? Let ’em have it.

        • Krunoslav

          Sure thing, Alleydog.

  • javier

    I don’t understand what is racy about this. I am not a Sound of Music fan but this was fun to watch.

    Also, thanks to whoever linked to the baby photo becayse DDN has such an adorable baby.

  • Rowna

    Being mean spirited over a crowd pleasing sing-a-long medley at the Proms? Criticising Ms. De Niese over jewelry? I loved it. I thought it was absolutely entertaining, charming and made me smile in spite of the fact that the song Do Re Mi is an awful composition IMHO. I know I will go to hell for this, but I think The Sound of Music is NOT a good musical in either musical content, nor in story line. So for me to grin from ear to ear, and then read all of these negative notices on Parterre . . . OY! Please save your daggers for your disappointments in opera performances. I am not a fan of DDN but I thought her sparkling personality and the camerawork made this one of the highlights of the Proms. Oh, and JK was also in it. What? No mention of his jackets and jewelry?

    • Lohengrin

      To please You I will mention JK´s jackets: both of the secon part could be unsde as costume in Fledermaus; the golden one has a “golden” price: 5000 €! About his Jewels: did he receive a medal by her Majesty?
      Anaway, he looked great and sang wonderful and besides of that he seems to have a lots of FUN!.