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“…Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton were in the audience, with their daughter, Chelsea, and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky. They were there, opera insiders said, because Chelsea Clinton is a friend of the tenor Vittorio Grigolo, who was playing the Chevalier, Manon’s true love.” [New York Times]

  • phoenix

    I didn’t need another NYT Clinton endorsement, but read the article and enjoy it -- it’s not about Clinton at all.

  • Satisfied

    My favorite line: Knowing that Ms. Damrau was sick, Dr. Cho expected she would not kiss her co-star. But she did. While everyone else was thinking, “How romantic,” Dr. Cho said later that she was thinking, “I just hope Grigolo has a strong immune system.”

    • semira mide

      Amused that the Times mentioned the seat location for the house doctor. Perhaps the Met will be selling seats nearby at inflated prices to people who “might get sick” during the performance?

      I have a vague recollection of stories where the Met ( or perhaps it was the rival company) would send doctors to check on singers who “called in sick” to be sure they in fact were. Is this just a myth?

      • Tulip


  • LT

    That must be a sweet job. Peddling tylenol to indisposed singers and getting a good salary and benefits inc. watching shows for free.

    • operadunce

      According to the article the doctors are all volunteers. They get to see the show for free though.

      • LT

        Serves me right for not reading the article first.