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Our Own Dawn Fatale (artist’s conception, above) will take to the airwaves of Bloomberg Radio this evening at 9:00 pm to discuss the Met’s current woes. You can listen on Sirius XM Channel 119. online, or on your iPhone or Android phone.

UPDATE: this interview is now available as a podcast (after the jump.)

(The segment on the Met starts at about the 31:00 point.)

  • Hippolyte

    Bravo/a, RL aka Dawn!

  • phoenix

    Is this on archive somewhere? Sounds like the greatest thing since ‘Garbo talks’.
    -- Congrats to RL!

    • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin

      You mean even greater than “Give me a whiskey, ginger ale on the side… and don’t be stingy, baby?”

      • phoenix

        only Marie Dressler knows for sure…

    • Camille

      Yes, a second request—is it archived? I would assume so but one never knows.

  • armerjacquino

    I love that Cernei picture. Opera as high camp.

  • With all due respect to Dawn, the money quote in this piece comes from AGMA’s Alan Gordon, who says, “When the Met produces a standard opera… I don’t really like opera, so I can’t give you the names… but…”

    • The thing is, Alan Gordon appears to have the full support of the people he’s representing. Whether he prefers hip-hop, old-time polka, or musicals is kind of beside the point. When you find a good number of union members questioning Gordon’s leadership or tactics, then you’ll have a money quote.

      • I mean, if you want an example where there really is daylight between union leadership and the members they claim to represent, look at the video game music industry and in particular at the case of Austin Wintory.

    • No Expert

      Ah, so he and Gelb have something in common :)

    • steveac10

      And this is why Alan Gordon is bad for this scenario and opera in general. How a man who couldn’t tell Verdi from Sting became the public face of the union representing classical singers and dancers is beyond me. He’s already assisted (whether by accident or design) the board of one major NYC opera company to cease operations. He couldn’t give two shits if the art form survives in this city. He’s an old school union operative who thinks it’s still 1938. He’s a blowhard and a bully. He’d rather put a couple of thousand people out of work permanently than publicly compromise with Gelb in any way (at least until the federal mediator steps in). For better or for worse (and I think for worse), public and political support for unions is at low tide right now. Even people normally inclined to support the unions at the Met are not very likely to stand in solidarity with them. Ultimately they run the risk of turning the Met into a non-union house.

      • You are trying really hard, but you are never going to match this performance.

      • norma54

        Mr. Gordon DOES have the full support of his negotiating committee AND the membership at large…both AT the MET and across the country. The orchestra and stage-hand unions are also standing strong ,…. why does everyone on this site like to vilify Mr. Gordon so much? Negotiating ability is defined far more by knowledge of the working conditions of the people you represent……. than the actual works they perform.

        • Not everyone, Norma, just the usual suspects.

          Just relax and enjoy their helpless and misdirected pique. I think it most fun to read their posts in a Marvin the Martian voice.

        • SilvestriWoman

          Too true… Alan Gordon may go over the top, but union choristers (especially opera) see him as their top advocate. Whatever happens at the Met may very well follow at Chicago/San Francisco/you name it.