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Kingdom of the blind item

If there is truth in this rumor, which New York opera company will attempt a renaissance this summer spring with a revival of an operatic rarity, though likely without the magnificent cast the conductor assembled for his recent recording of the same work?  UPDATE: Yes, there is truth in this rumor, not that OONY is going to allow the secret to escape that they are actually going to have a season this year.

  • Opera Teen

    The Manhattan Opera Company? ;-)

  • Krunoslav

    Is “renaissance” a clue? Maybe L’AMORE DEI TRE RE, with the ‘blind kingdom’ link?

    Other blind renaissance figures in a kingdom: IOLANTA. But that would seem a very odd choice, given Anna, Piotr, Markov and the worst bass protege of Larisa Gergieva ever to be awarded two Met NPs on the horizon.

    SAMSON and SAMSON ET DALILA are out of the realm of the renaissance.

    Surely LA GIOCONDA is not going to be a company’s re-startup project…

    How about MARIA GOLOVIN?

    None of these has a splendid recent recording to my knowledge.

    • Not to get all Genevieve’s Castle Room about things but if I had an opera company they’d do Gioconda every season!

      • Regina delle fate

        I see I’m not the only one missing Genevieve -- Feldmarschallin is also bereft -- no more menus from G’s Rumpus Room.

      • Camille

        Hey, Maury D! I’ll donate to your opera company if you do put on Gioconda every year!

    • Regina delle fate

      lol Kruno -- you ARE in a bad mood!

  • Will

    Clicking the link reveals that the opera is Leoncavallo’s I Medici.

  • Camille

    O my stars! I cannot believe it!!! This score has some felicitoes to it, as I recall from my perusal of it over twenty years ago, and I have always been curious about it. I recall our esteemed Regina delle Fate speaking about his experience of having seen it, I forget now where or when. It was one of a Renaissance trilogy he planned but it all never made into the light of day.

    I am *gobsmacked* and oh so happy!!!! Thanks for the news, Cieca!!!

    • Camille

      Leoncavallo planned it, not R-d-F, that is, just to be clear.

  • Bianca Castafiore

    Cammillyushka! How are you, carina????? How’s the winter treating you and what wonderful concerts have you been attending?

    I am sorry I have not been around much, but Irma and I took another long trip to warmer climates and I have also been so busy with my students!!!!

    Mille baci a te!!!!!

    • Camille

      What have you been UP TO, Mme Chastefleur??????

      Lallygagging around with the Cap’n and lolling about in the tropics deinking piña coladas???

      I have not been listening to operas and have been taking time out, and have been so busy with my own busyness and staying far, far, far away from the ghastly weather up north. I shall be back to hear the Vienna Philharmonic to which I look forward with tremendous anticipation for what I am hoping to be an excellent Wozzeck, among other delights. I am contemplating the Prince Igor but it frankly sounds more like a movie show and will probably go HD. I have to look at Carnegie Hall. Oh yes, there is little Nat’a recital coming up which is a very nice and interesting program, which I think I will hear, just for old time’s sake.

      Hoping the Divine Castafiore will be more in evidence and that you are well and happy. And my best to that doll, Irma!

      Love e mille baci altretanto a te!

      • Bianca Castafiore

        Cammillssima, scusi, but who is little Nat’a??????

        • manou
        • Camille

          Not surprising you would not umderstand, Divine Chaste Flower! In the first instanxe, there is a typo—it should have read “Nat’S'”, but as I always am typing with my thumbs in a furious haste and fear reading it back, lest I be turned into a pollar of salt.

          Natalie Dessay gave me one of the best performances, no two, I have ever seen and heard and so I conserve a great fondness for her. C’est tout.

          • Bianca Castafiore

            Cammilletta! Are you going to miss Jummy Jonas at CH on Thursday then?

            Natalie Dessay moved me tremendously two or three seasons ago in Lucia. I went back to see it one more time because she was still such a great performer then.

            manouelita, mille grazie!!!!!!! baci a te!

  • Camille

    Leoncavallo’s I Medici, from 1993—

    And of course there is Mo. Veronesi’s recent recording, starring Domingo.

  • Gualtier M

    Actually, OONY sent out a message at the end of December 2013 pleading for donations. Here is the message:
    December 2013

    Dear Friends:
    It’s not too late to make a gift to OONY!
    Because of your deeply appreciated support over the years, OONY has been able to build on its unique 43-year tradition of presenting innovative concert operas. There is more great opera to come this season. We are currently planning two dates at Carnegie Hall -- April 8, 2014 for Leoncavallo’s I Medici, to be conducted by Maestro Alberto Veronesi, and June 5, 2014 when we present Donizetti’s Roberto Devereux conducted by Maestro Eve Queler. Full casting will be announced shortly. We are writing now because your generosity is needed more than ever.

    With the recent demise of so many cultural institutions, especially in the world of opera, the need for continued funding has become more critical than ever. Ticket income covers less than half of production costs and in the current economic climate, private institutional support for the performing arts has significantly declined. Your gift will ensure that OONY continues to be part of New York’s cultural scene for years to come. Through your support you will also set an example for others and demonstrate to foundations and government funders that OONY is a vital part of New York City’s arts community and worthy of their continued support.

    The past few years have been momentous for OONY. Our performances have enjoyed wonderful public and critical acclaim. Our artistic excellence has been recognized through renewed and increased support from the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Through generous gifts from the Agnes Varis Foundation and Sapienza University of Rome, Maestro Alberto Veronesi instituted a video vocal competition for young singers. Additionally, Maestro Queler continues to build her successful Young Artists Program through generous gifts from foundations including the Gerda Lissner Foundation.
    We would like to invite you take action and join us in this cause by making a fully tax deductible gift to OONY today. We ask that you be as generous as you can.
    You can make your gift by check, made payable to The Opera Orchestra of New York and mail it to:
    The Opera Orchestra of New York, 344 East 64th Street, Suite B-1, New York, NY 10065.
    Or you can call our office at 212 906-9137 and make your gift with your credit card.
    Thank you for everything you have done to help make us successful. We look forward to expressing our appreciation to you in person throughout the 2013-2014 Season and to bringing you many evenings of memorable concert opera for years to come.

    Best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

    Deborah Surdi

    Executive Director

    My guess is that the Roberto Devereux is planned for Angela Meade (Sondra’s alternate when the opera comes to the Met) -- I hope the Devereux is Michael Fabiano but Stephen Costello has done the role.

    • Krunoslav

      Pray for Mariella Devia’s return in DEVEREUX.

      • javier

        pray for a nightmare? devia’s elisabetta wasn’t that good when she sang the role in concert a few years ago in europe. why import devia when we have sondra radvanovsky, angela meade, and even brenda harris (AMERICAN sopranos) who can sing the role.

    • skoc211

      I must say I was intrigued by I Medici, but hearing that they’re doing Roberto Devereux this summer has given me the vapors! It’s my favorite of Donizetti’s Queens and I’ve never seen it live. Perhaps if they do have Meade scheduled for Elisabetta they can reunite her with Jamie Barton as Sara!

      Thanks so much for sharing, you just about made my day!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    and what, pray tell, is the “video vocal competition for young singers” ?

  • Gualtier M

    Update: due to a variety of factors “I Medici” is canceled but the “Roberto Devereux” (conducted by Eve Queler) will happen in June. Watch for an announcement soon.