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Spanish panic

Here’s a glimpse of the Regie route Anna Netrebko and Placido Domingo will go in November when they make their role debuts in Il trovatore at the Berlin Staatsoper. The production is by Philipp Stölzl (“mit Videos für Rammstein und Madonna berühmt”) and will also star Aleksandrs Antonenko and Marina Prudenskaja.


  • 1
    laddie says:

    Definitely of the “artificial/fantastic” ilk. Speaking of, here are some photos from Zurich’s DG (production by Sebastian Baumgarten) with Peter Mattei:

  • 2
    javier says:

    it looks very interesting. but netrebko in those dresses and makeup makes no sense.

  • 3
    MontyNostry says:

    Antonenko as Manrico is an exciting thought.

  • 4
    belcantomaniac says:

    I am so excited at the thought of Domingo in the role of Azucena. Who cares if it’s transposed down to whatever he feels like singing. (Tongue firmly in cheek)

  • 5
    pasavant says:

    How do you say idiotic in German?

  • 6
    bobsnsane says:

    Scrub woman looks good.

  • 7
    Sanford says:

    Completely off topic, but I just found out I’m singing in Clemenza di Tito with Dell’arte OPwera here in NYC. I’m singing in the chorus but CHris Fecteau is using 4 soloists as the chorus so it’s as if we’re playing roles.

    • 7.1
      bobsnsane says:

      “Oh nero tradimento,
      Oh giorno di dolor!


      No. 12 -- Quintetto con coro

      @ end of Act 1
      How’s that 4 magnificent music…
      MET playa’ in particular
      Is a fine perf.

      Break a fibula Ford!

  • 8
    OperaTeen says:

    I was in Once Upon a Mattress in the spring (I played the bird), so I feel the urge to hug LC after having read the title of this post. ;-)

    • 8.1
      manou says:

      Who played the spring (in the mattress)?

    • 8.2
      Loge says:

      I too have danced the Spanish panic. (It was in college.) Our Lady Larkin wrote the article for the school newspaper. She had no idea that she was not the star. So she told the story from the perspective of her character. “Once upon a mattress is the story of Lady Larkin who….” No mention of the prince or Fred. So from my perspective “Traviata is the story of a gardener whose mistress…..”

  • 9
    Ilka Saro says:

    Every now and then the video freezes, and the word “Puffer” appears. I assume that “Puffer” is Deutsch for “fluffer” and that these pauses were there to stimulate the video’s erection. As it were.