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All for the best

George Steel (center) announces that New York City Opera is destroying, giving away or selling off most of its stock of repertory productions. Presumably a few of the old sets will be kept on hand to burn for warmth during the long winter ahead. [New York Times] (Photo by Carol Rosegg.)


  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    The NYCO Website still lists these productions for Rental:

    Production Year Original Director What is Available
    The Abduction From The Seraglio 1999 Nicola Bowie Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Constance Hoffman)
    Acis and Galatea 2000 Mark Lamos Costumes (Constance Hoffman)
    Agrippina 2001 Lilian Groag Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Jess Goldstein)
    Alcina 1983 Andrei Serban Set (Beni Montresor)
    Alcina 2003 Francesca Zambello Costumes (Martin Pakledinaz)
    Anna Bolena/Maria Stuarda/
    Roberto Devereaux 1973 Tito Capobianco Set (Ming Cho Lee)
    Ariadne auf Naxos 1973 Sarah Caldwell Set (Herbert Senn)
    Attila 1981 Lotfi Mansouri Set (Ming Cho Lee)
    The Ballad of Baby Doe 1958 Vladimir Rosing Set (Donald Oenslager)
    The Barber of Seville 1988 Lotfi Mansouri Set (Desmond Heeley)
    Costumes (Desmond Helley)
    La Bohème 1995 Graziella Sciutti Set -- Incomplete (John Conklin)
    Costumes -- Incomplete (Joseph Citarella)
    La Bohème 2000 James Robinson Set (Allen Moyer)
    Costumes (James Schuette)
    Brigadoon 1986 Gerald Freedman Set (Desmond Heeley)
    Costumes (Desmond Heeley)
    Candide 1982 Harold Prince Set (Clarke Dunham)
    Costumes (Judith Dolan)
    Capriccio 2005 Stephen Lawless Costumes (Ashley Martin-Davis)
    Carmen 1992 Jonathan Eaton Set (Paul Shortt)
    Costumes (Eduardo V. Sicangco)
    Carmina Burana 1997 Donald Byrd Set (John Conklin)
    Casanova 1985 Arthur Masella Set (Franco Colavecchia)
    Cavalleria Rusticana/I Pagliacci 1991 Jonathan Eaton Set (Paul Shortt)
    Cinderella 2004 Baayork Lee Costumes (Greg Barnes)
    La Clemenza di Tito 1979 Federik Mirdita Set (Lloyd Evans)
    La Clemenza di Tito 2000 Stephen Wadsworth Set (Thomas Lynch)
    Costumes -- Incomplete (Dunya Ramicova)
    The Cunning Little Vixen 1981 Frank Corsaro Set (Maurice Sendak)
    Costumes (Maurice Sendak)
    Death in Venice 2005 Tazewell Thompson Set (Donald Eastman)
    Costumes (Merrily Murray-Walsh)
    Dialogues of the Carmelites 2002 Tazewell Thompson Set (Donald Eastman)
    Costumes (Merrily Murray-Walsh)
    Don Giovanni 1989 Harold Prince Set (Rolf Langenfass)
    Costumes (Rolf Langenfass)
    Don Giovanni 2009 Christopher Alden Set (Paul Steinberg)
    Costumes (Terese Wadden)
    Don Pasquale 1996 Leon Major Set (Allen Moyer)
    Costumes (Allen Moyer)
    L’Elisir d’Amore 2005 Jonathan Miller Set (Isabella Bywater)
    Costumes (Isabella Bywater)
    L’Enfant et les Sortilèges 1990 Frank Corsaro Set (Maurice Sendak)
    Costumes (Maurice Sendak)
    L’Étoile 2001 Mark Lamos Set (Andrew Lieberman)
    Costumes (Constance Hoffman)
    Falstaff 1998 Leon Major Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (John Conklin)
    La Fanciulla del West 2004 Lilian Groag Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Constance Hoffman)
    Flavio 2003 Chas Rader-Schieber Set (David Zinn)
    Costumes (David Zinn)
    Die Fledermaus 1974 Gerald Freedman Costumes (Thierry Bosquet)
    The Glass Blowers 2000 Christopher Alden Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Gabriel Berry)
    The Good Soldier Schweik 2003 Rhoda Levine Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (John Conklin)
    Häansel and Gretel 1998 James Robinson Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Anna Ruth Oliver)
    Haroun and the Sea of Stories 2004 Mark Lamos Set (Riccardo Hernandez)
    Costumes (Candace Donnelly)
    L’Heure Espagnole 1990 Frank Corsaro Set (Maurice Sendak)
    Costumes (Maurice Sendak)
    Imeneo 2004 Christopher Alden Set (Marsha Ginsberg)
    Costumes (Doey Lüthi)
    Intermezzo 1999 Leon Major Costumes (Martha Mann)
    Jen?fa 2006 Jonathan Miller Set (Isabella Bywater)
    Costumes (Isabella Bywater)
    A Little Night Music 1990 Scott Ellis Set (Michael Anania)
    Costumes (Lindsay W. Davis)
    Little Women 2002 Rhoda Levine Set (Peter Harrison)
    Costumes (Paul Tazewell)
    Lizzie Borden 1996 Rhoda Levine Costumes (Constance Hoffman)
    The Love for Three Oranges 1985 Frank Corsaro Set (Maurice Sendak)
    Costumes (Maurice Sendak)
    Lucia di Lammermoor 1988 Tito Capobianco Set (Marsha Louis Eck)
    Costumes (Jose Verona)
    Macbeth 1997 Leon Major
    Costumes (John Conklin)
    Madama Butterfly 1997 Mark Lamos Set (Michael Yeargan)
    Costumes (Constance Hoffman)
    The Magic Flute 1987 Lotfi Mansouri Set (Thierry Bosquet)
    Costumes (Thierry Bosquet)
    Manon 1968 Tito Capobianco Set (Marsha Louis Eck)
    Margaret Garner 2007 Tazewell Thompson Set (Donald Eastman)
    Costumes (Merrily Murray-Walsh)
    Mefistofele 1969 Tito Capobianco Set (David Mitchell)
    Costumes (Hal George)
    The Merry Wives of Windsor 1980 Lou Galterio Set (John Conklin)
    The Mikado 1984 Lotfi Mansouri Set (Thierry Bosquet)
    Costumes (Thierry Bosquet)
    Monodramas 2011 Michael Counts Set (Michael Counts)
    Costumes (Jessica Jahn)
    The Most Happy Fella 1991 Phil McKinley Costumes (Greg Barnes)
    The Mother of Us All 1998 Christopher Alden Set (Allen Moyer)
    Costumes (Gabriel Berry)--Incomplete
    Norma 1985 Andrei Serban Set (Michael Yeargan)
    Le Nozze di Figaro 1977 John Copley Set (Carl Toms)
    Costumes (Carl Toms)
    Of Mice and Men 1997 Rhoda Levine Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Jess Goldstein)
    Orlando 2004 Chas Rader-Shieber Set (David Zinn)
    Costumes (David Zinn)
    Orlando Paladino 2002 James Robinson Costumes (Martin Pakledinaz)
    Partenope 1998 Francisco Negrin Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Paul Steinberg)
    Patience 2004 Tazewell Thompson
    Costumes (Merrily Murray-Walsh)
    Paul Bunyan 1995 Mark Lamos Set (Paul Steinberg)
    Costumes (Constance Hoffman)
    Pirates of Penzance 2006 Lillian Groag Sets (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Jess Goldstein)
    Prince Igor 1994 Dejan Miladinovic Set (Mileta Leskovac)
    I Puritani 1974 Tito Capobianco Set (Carl Toms)
    A Quiet Place 2010 Christopher Alden Set (Andrew Lieberman)
    Costumes (Kaye Voyce)
    The Rape of Lucretia 2001 Christopher Alden Set (Paul Steinberg)
    Costumes (Paul Steinberg)
    Regina 1992 Rosalind Elias Set (James Leonard Joy)
    Rigoletto 1999 Rhoda Levine Set (John Conklin)
    Costumes (Tracy Dorman)
    Rinaldo 2000 Francisco Negrin Set (Anthony Baker)
    Costumes (Anthony Baker)
    La Rondine 1984 Lotfi Mansouri Set (Ralph Funicello)
    Costumes (Sam Kirkpatrick)
    Semele 2006 Stephen Lawless
    Costumes (Anthony Baker)
    The Seven Deadly Sins 1997 Anne Bogart Set (John Conklin)
    The Sound of Music 1990 James Hammerstein Set (Neil Peter Jampolis)
    South Pacific 1987 Gerald Freedman Set (Desmond Heeley)
    Street Scene 1959 Jack O’Brien Set (Paul Sylbert)
    The Student Prince 1980 Jack Hofsiss Costumes (Patton Campbell)
    Susannah 1971 Robert Lewis Set (Ming Cho Lee)
    Sweeney Todd 1984 Harold Prince Set (Eugene Lee)
    Costumes (Franne Lee)
    Tosca 1998 Mark Lamos Set (Michael Yeargan)
    Costumes (Constance Hoffman)
    Die Tote Stadt 1975 Frank Corsaro Set (Ron Chase)
    Projections (Joan Larkey)
    La Traviata 1995 Renata Scotto Set (Thierry Bosquet)
    Costumes (Thierry Bosquet)
    Il Trittico 2002 James Robinson Set (Allen Moyer)
    Costumes (Bruno Schwengle)
    Turandot 1974 Dino Yannopolous/
    Jonathan Eaton Set (Beni Montresor)
    Costumes (Beni Montresor)--Incomplete
    The Turn of the Screw 1962 Allen Fletcher Set (Jac Venza)
    Vanessa 1993 Michael Kahn Costumes (Martin Pakledinaz)
    Il Viaggio a Reims 1999 James Robinson Set (Allen Moyer)
    Costumes (Anna Ruth Oliver)
    Wonderful Town 1993 Richard Sabellico Set (Michael Anania)
    The Life and Times of Malcolm X 1986 Rhoda Levine Set (John Conklin)

  • parpignol says:

    “Here you are, trying to weasel your way into our artistic planning,”
    did he really say that to a NY Times reporter?
    is he crazy?

  • norma54 says:

    Look who’s calling WHO a weasel !!!

  • kashania says:

    I can see that NYCO is trying to save on storage costs. However, they must have some plan of keeping future new productions. Or is everything going to be a one-off?! Their recent Don Giovanni was probably the best-received production of Steel’s tenure. Why scrap it? The only reason I can see is that it’s built to suit the dimension of the State Theatre stage and the company has no plans of ever going back there…

    • brooklynpunk says:


      AS USUAL… yours is a voice of reason, or at least, moderation in this matter.

      It appears obvious that City Opera will not return to the former State Theater, in however long their existence might be-nor will they neccessarily intend to present the rep that they formally did.

      The BAM and City Center stages, and those theaters technical abilities are far different from that of their former home at Lincoln Center, as is the the basic Company outlooks and philosophies for being (for better or for worse…that remains to be seen, hopefully)

      Just judging from the NYCB, many of the old Balanchine productions that were made for their original home at City Center DID/DO NOT work --or fit, very well , on the Lincoln Center stage.

  • Bluessweet says:

    Is it something in my computer or is anyone else getting big white squares with a small blue circle in the upper left hand coner in the place where a You Tube link might be????

    • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

      My guess is that you’re using a Mac with Safari. That often happens when the computer’s memory is nearly full. Shut down and restart should reload properly. Could also be out of date flash pluggin.

      • Bluessweet says:

        THank you QPF- No, I’m using Vista 64 and IE9. I am geting vids off facebook with no problem. I’ll have to look deeper. Maybe my new edition of Bitdefender is being too protective.

  • Cranky Coloratura says:

    Atalaya, you’ve got it right in every particular. This is a sad time for our beloved art.

  • JNinNYC says:

    From my post yesterday at A Liberal’s Libretto: George Steel said that if they want to revive a certain production, the sets and costumes could be reconstructed at a lower cost. So evidently, the age of disposable opera productions is upon us.

    “Meh …. I’m so over that production -- let’s chuck it out. Tomorrow’s trash day, right?”

    What short sighted-ness.

  • BillyBoy says:

    That list brought back some fine memories…

    Maurice Sendak’s Vixen, Caldwell’s Ariadne, Mefisofele

    Nothing can bring back the shows of yesteryear.