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Steel yourself

Now that the New York City Opera season has bogged down, and while we’re waiting for reports of the Met’s 2012-13 programming (old news!), La Cieca thinks it would be fun for the cher public to play George Steel (or, given the difficulty of the task, Superman) and devise an upcoming season for NYCO. Details after the jump.

Here’s your task, parterrians: come up with a season of four operas, with casting and production details, for NYCO’s 2012-13 season (when, as and if, of course). Insert your plan along with whatever corroborating prose you choose below, in the comments section.

Following the close of the competition on Saturday February 25 at midnight, La Cieca’s crack team of judges will sift the answers for the winners in two categories:

Most Plausible (a season that actually has a chance of playing and succeeding), and

Most Visionary (a season that would require a combination of superhuman effort and the generosity of a billionaire to accomplish, but would then be talked about for decades to come).

The best in each category received a coveted Amazon gift card worth $50.00.

Start your engines, and may the best impresario win!


  • How about a “Verismo Festival”?
    1.Conchita by Zandonai
    2.Die Lorelei by Catalani
    3.Isabeau by Mascagni
    4.Madame Sans-Gêne by Giordano

    4 lesser known works that are rarely done by 4 different composers.
    I’d attend all 4, but I loves me my verismo.
    Now who are the female singers who have taken up the mantle of verista to fill the roles?

  • Lucy says:

    As an impresario, I choose to delegate the task of choosing conductors to someone better qualified to do so. Most of the chosen singers are currently active in or around New York, although a few favorites from past NYCO seasons appear as well. Efforts have been made to reform the current abysmal state of marketing by providing a theme for each season (hopefully encouraging audiences not just to pick plums.)

    Season A: Unexpected Heroes
    1. Fidelio (to be performed in the suitably prison-like Kingsbridge Armory, decor minimal)
    Leonore: Lisa Flanagan
    Florestan: Adam Laurence Herskowitz
    Marzelline: Jessica Sandidge
    Pizarro: Stephen Powell
    Rocco: Per Bach Nissen

    2. Don Quichotte (borrow Seattle’s production or perform it at the NYPL)
    Don Quichotte: Craig Hart
    Sancho Panza: Cory Clines
    Dulcinea: Abigail Fischer

    3. Gianni Schicchi/L’enfant et les sortileges (existing NYCO productions… not sure when they last performed Gianni Schicchi, but a bedroom shouldn’t be hard to put together)
    Gianni: Mark Walters
    Zita: Margaret Lattimore
    Lauretta: Layla Claire
    Rinuccio: Taylor Stayton
    L’enfant: Hayden DeWitt

    4. Silent Night (import as many of the singers who created the roles at Minnesota Opera as possible. Celebrate the bringing of a good new opera to NYC.)

    Season B: Wraiths and Revenants
    1. Lucia di Lammermoor: Susanna Phillips Edgardo: David Lomeli Arturo: Stephen Powell

    2. Der Vampyr: Aubry: Issachah Savage Malwina: Kala Maxym Emmy: Karin Mushegain Ruthven: Rod Gilfry

    3. Die Tote Stadt: Paul: Adam Laurence Herskowitz, Marietta: Caitlyn Lynch, Frank: Daniel Klein (so glad I’m not the only one to have this idea)

    4. Turn of the Screw: Taylor Stayton as Peter Quint, Miles: treble; if the excellent Neel Ram Nagajaran isn’t tied up at the Met, tant mieux Governess: Sara Jakubiak Miss Jessel: Sofia Dimitrova (borrow production from Glyndebourne)

    Season C: I’m all out of casting ideas, but I’d love to see a “Voyages” season, as follows:

    Entführung aus dem Serail
    L’italiana in Algeri
    Excursions of Mr. Brou?ek
    Death in Venice