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“Dispettosetto questo riccio!”

La Cieca supposes that maybe the reason Angela Gheorghiu doesn’t include any music from Manon Lescaut on her new “Homage to Callas” CD is that she can’t quite identify with the character?

  • judycadanna

    I’ve seen this look before. Who did it first? Oh, yes…

    • aulus agerius

      That’s disgusting. Wasn’t she in LUST IN THE DUST with Divine?

      • jatm2063

        Yes she was. She was also a Playboy Playmate circa 1970 or so.

      • papopera

        she sure was, playing Divine’s long lost twin sister both bearing a map of the treasure of Chilli Verde on their buns.

      • judycadanna

        Show some respect. I will fight the bitch who talks shit about Lainie.

  • MontyNostry

    Are they real?

    • diva2themax

      I’ve been wondering this recently. She has some great tata’s real or not. At the Bolshoi concert she looked gorgeous in a white dress & her boobs were like WHOAH lol.

      • Joe Conda

        I do wish someone would post a youtube of Mme. Vishnevskaya’s reaction to Vampyra’s Lisa aria.

        • Quanto Painy Fakor

          I think the best comment for that was that the applause was not even sufficient to cover AG’s exit.

        • manou

      • A. Poggia Turra

        Actually, the more important question is, “Which is more real -- Draculette’s rack, or Bobby Alagna’s package as seen in the finale of the just-released Liceu Carmen?

        • Clita del Toro

          Draculette looks as she has had a rack job

          • Clita del Toro

            Maybe she thinks her big rack will take some attention away from Neb’s big success in AB?

          • Clita del Toro

            Actually all Alagna need is a sock!

          • armerjacquino

            She’s always had a largish bust. That dress would give curves to an ironing board.

      • MontyNostry

        Kind of Ange to remind us that ‘bolshoi’ means ‘big’.

  • WeillFan

    According to BBC Radio 4, Angela Gheorghiu cancelled a scheduled interview today with the program “Front Row” (presumably to talk about her new CD). Simon Keenlyside was going to be a replacement to talk about his new CD, but he had to postpone the interview due to a cold.
    So the folks at “Front Row” ended bringing in “Consultant laryngologist John Rubin, voice coach Mary King and soprano Elizabeth Watts [to] discuss the problems singers face, and how they can avoid them.”

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Actually, that hair spray they use in Bucharest is quite good for Angela. She has always had problems fixing her hair just right ad that was quite sophisticated.

  • Nothing like a nice set of Tupperware tits.

  • Oy vey, that clip is awful. She kinda reminds me of Faye Dunaway in one of her worst performances (most of them), like Arizona Dream or something.

  • I find her kind of endearing. Like I wouldn’t want to be a GM of an opera house and have to deal with her, but she’s always struck me as more kooky and goofy than anything else.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      Just wait until they make her the Director of the opera in Bucharest!

      • semira mide

        That job should go to Nelly Miricioiu,who at least knows the difference between an artist and a star -- with the rare exception when they coincide.

  • Adalgisa

    I had completely missed that Bolshoi concert.
    a) I am disgusted that an “international” star has the nerve to present herself on such an occasion singing from sheet music. AG should be ashamed of herself.
    b) Her boobs are substantial and did not defy the laws of gravity. My guess would be that she’s just hired a new bra artist.

    c) It totally eludes my why an opera house is opened with a concert performance: I know, I know! Bits and pieces are easier to digest for Putin & co. But where’s Bolshoi’s pride gone?

    • brooklynpunk

      “But where’s Bolshoi’s pride gone?”

      ….Probably into the same “mysterious” pit that the billions of “cost-over-run” Rubles “disappeared” into…?

      There was an interesting feature on The BBC 4 show “NewsHour” a couple of days ago, about the renovation and Gala Concert, which painted a slightly unflattering portrait of the current scene,at The Bolshoi….

    • A. Poggia Turra

      Of course, both Copenhagen (2005) and Oslo (2008) opened their new houses with gala concerts (I watched the latter concert streamed live on NRK):

      • MontyNostry

        Anja might not flash her boobs around quite like Ange does, but she’s also a fine-looking woman.

  • Bluessweet

    Can we still post photos? I want to post a young Angela….

  • Bluessweet

    Well, it’s been a half hour and no one has ‘splianed if I can just load a picture, so, here is another You tube clip. The singing is the same ad Manouo posted but this version does not have the live video. A much younger woman with a much less developed figure is dipicted. Can we assume that angela has , like Topsy,”jest growed”?

    • Bluessweet

      Wish I could type.

      • oedipe

        Bluessweet, when one (a woman, in most cases) grows older and gains weight, one’s boobs become larger.
        The dress and photo angle count too. Here is young Angie:

  • Le Jester

    Well, I think she has an absolutely fabulous pair of boobies and I think they are real. Besides, even if she had them done, only a cad would be so rude as to point that out to her. A true gentleman would sing their praises to her everlasting delight.

    • manou

      …and the only true gentleman left is a jester.

  • Pelleas

    That picture had me thinking “love child of Lainie Kazan and Linda Lavin.” I realize I am probably alone in that.

  • midas

    Has anybody seen this piece of fluff at the London Guardian:

    • Krunoslav

      Sorry, Angela… indeed, “C’est l’autre que je prefere…”

      What colossal gall…

    • MontyNostry

      At least she had to stick to Callas’ relatively sprightly tempo for the Habanera. I suspect Ange might prefer a more Jessye-like pace, given the opportunity. Interesting to see how Ange is making sure she does sexy, while Maria stands there like a figure from a genre painting.

  • A. Poggia Turra

    I wonder how old this one was: