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Bloomberg onions

Clifton Webb, silly!The multi-slashed Manuela Hoelterhoff (Bloomberg editrix/spouse to disgruntled New York City Opera intendant manquée Francesca Zambello/grouch emeritus) dipped her goose quill in venom this morning once again to take on her favorite subject, i.e., how NYCO has gone to hell in a handbasket ever since they didn’t hire her girlfriend to run the place. 

Hoelterhoff (not pictured) is, as always, entertainingly vitriolic, if in this case a bit Godwinny (“For comparable magical thinking, you’d have to go back to Hitler dreaming of rescue in that bunker in Berlin.”)  Her tartest comic sally is the tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Joe Volpe is the man to run NYCO; pardon La Cieca whilst she wipes away the tears of laughter!


  • 21
    Porpora says:

    While more and more corporations are recognizing GLBT relationships in terms of benefits, one wonders what working at the WSJ is like. Is MH closeted there? Doing the DADT dance? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • 21.1
      Porpora says:

      Sorry…mindfreeze. MH works for Bloomberg! Duh! The thought still applies though. Heck. It’s taken a decade for the man himself to ‘come out’ for gay marriage!

      • 21.1.1
        brooklynpunk says:

        “It’s taken a decade for the man himself to ‘come out’ for gay marriage!”

        …sort of..I don’t trust, nor believe a word this chump (da mayor) says…

          Porpora says:

          Yes. He does have a tortured history, and his speech last week would have made a much bigger difference had it come years earlier. He had the opportunity to be a champion at a time when doing so would have made a much bigger difference. Now? It just seems like he is following rather than leading.

    • 21.2
      Alto says:

      Closeted? Holy saints above! What sentient being in the New York arts world doesn’t know not only of her orientation, but of her alliance with FZ? How on earth else could La Cieca refer to it so casually? Do you think such references, even here, would be out of range for one (or, in this case, two) of the great, powerful brands in media?

      Of course it’s much more difficult to keep up with basic facts in the community than to proclaim how the NYCO should be run and to divine infallibly who did what and why.

      • 21.2.1
        Porpora says:

        MH doesn’t work for the arts world. She works for a major news organization.

          Porpora says:

          …and so does Anderson Cooper. And he’s out, right?

          Alto says:

          You’re just pretending, right? I can’t believe you’re really that dense. She’s a (at least by some measures) major writer on music (which was her role at the WSJ) and is head of arts coverage of Bloomberg. If that isn’t “arts world,”
          I can’t imagine what you think is.

      • 21.2.2
        La Cieca says:

        If Hoelterhoff is “doing the DADT dance,” she needs to work on her time step.

        “The rest of the time [Zambello] commutes to the Manhattan apartment which she shares with her three dogs and her partner of the last 10 years, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Manuela Hoelterhoff, who Zambello describes as “the best thing that ever happened to me”. [The Independent]

        “[Zambello] has been with her partner, the journalist Manuela Hoelterhoff, for many years.” [The Guardian]

        “I watched one of [Zambello’s] three beagles nap in the apartment she shares with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Manuela Hoelterhoff, her partner of twenty years…” [Opera News]

        “Zambello shares her country home and a Manhattan apartment with her companion of 15 years, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Manuela Hoelterhoff, and their three beagles…. The new job will make it even harder for Hoelterhoff to travel with Zambello, who says, ‘It’s not good to have your partner with you when there’s so much work.’ The couple did collaborate on one opera, ‘Modern Painters,” based on the life of John Ruskin.” [Albany Times Union]

          Porpora says:

          Thank you La Cieca!

          My point was that she might be closeted at work, and if that is not the case, then what is the reason for the lack of full-disclosure for a pulitzer prize winning writer?

          Quanto Painy Fakor says:

          Gertrude Stein and Alice B. were so much more interesting.

      • 21.2.3
        Andrew Powell says:


          Alto says:

          What neutral word would you use instead?

          • Andrew Powell says:

            Marriage. Partnership. Some other word that respects what the two of them have.

            Note that most of La Cieca’s mainstream-media quotes above use “partner.”

          • Alto says:

            I guess you’re not much a reader of Jane Austen, etc., where the word is routinely used as a synonym for marriage?

            Besides, you surely know that words can have more than one meaning? Many (not I} even object to the term partner in this context as being redolent of a law firm, etc.

            But, by all means, do feel free to censor other people’s usage publicly any time it makes you feel good.

  • 22
    brooklynpunk says:

    Anyone here see “Modern Painters”..?…comments?..was it done after the Santa Fe premiere..?

  • 23
    Andrew Powell says:

    Questioning, not censoring. If you meant marriage in the fullest sense of the word, then I regret the misunderstanding.

    Sadly the tone of several comments here — from La Cieca’s opening on down to “cunt/cunty” — suggests a lack of respect based on Manuela’s status rather than on what she wrote, which was brilliant and funny as always, and particularly insightful about the NYCO implosion.

  • 24
    Andrew Powell says:

    … that was for