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Levine cancels BSO

James Levine has just canceled his remaining engagements for the season with the Boston Symphony, including a tour to Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center.  The canceled dates run through March 19; Levine’s next performance at the Met is scheduled for March 30. [WBUR]


  • hochstelust says:

    There’s no way he will be able to conduct an entire Ring cycle.

  • perfidia says:

    Why doesn’t he take an extended leave? I wonder if it is because of contracts. Of course, he is also an overachiever in extremis. I don’t think he could just rest and do nothing, but he should, before his body really breaks down.

  • poisonivy says:

    I really hope Levine is okay and there isn’t some kind of terminal illness going on here. :(

  • Lucky Pierre says:

    i was hoping it was renee cancelling tonight…

  • LittleMasterMiles says:

    Oh dear. I’m watching Levine’s 1980 Lulu as I read this, and when he’s on camera during the interludes he looks so energetic and joyful.

    Does anyone know exactly what his health problem(s) is/are? Is it really something he can expect to recover from in a month, or should he be considering a longer (or even permanent) withdrawal?

    • @scazzasofija says:

      Apparently he had a procedure very recently to augment his monster back surgery from a year ago. He has to recover from the procedure.

  • BillyBoy says:

    And the replacement scurry begins. BSO has a world premiere set for Thursday. Does it fall to the assistant or has someone used the last week to call in a name who can handle Birtwhistle on short notice? Plus Bartok and Mozart.

  • OpinionatedNeophyte says:

    He’s had an amazing career and deserves a bit of slack, but only if he does the right thing and cancels the lionshare of his engagements next season. I am sure that if he asked BSO would let him out of his contract and thats what should happen. If his schedule next year remains unchanged, then there’s some pretty horrible denial going on.

  • Andrew Powell says:

    BSO, the next move is yours.