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Anna’s anthem

anna_popAwesome Anna Netrebko wraps her considerable talent around a the Europop hit “La Voix.”  Note the correct use of hair extensions (without those ridiculous “rocker chick” bangs) and the plain but striking red gown. 

  • Chanterelle

    Swedish Mezzo Malena Ernman sang this for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. The voice isn’t as luscious but her style is far more convincing--she sings both chorus and verse, showing off her legitimate chops as well as her cleavage. Cute dancers, too.

    (I first encountered her as a wonderful Dido in Christie’s Dido & Aeneas at Opera Comique two seasons ago)

    • yes, this video really must be seen. I was going to post it myself.

      I love the Eurovision Song Contest.

      • armerjacquino

        I’ve posted it three times in the past, UZ. These people obviously don’t know quality cheese when they see it ;-)

      • NYCOQ

        OK NOW THAT WAS BRILLIANT!!! It was beyond awful, but oh sooooo good.

        • DonCarloFanatic

          She needs a lot more makeup.

          Or maybe I need a blindfold.

      • Jack Jikes

        This ALMOST tops Joan on the swing.

  • Speaking of amazing singing, I’m listening to Manon with Natalie Paulin and Michael Shade. OMG! Gorgeous opera, beautifully sung.

  • papopera

    Music to amuse the plebe. Not for us.

  • CwbyLA

    Godawful. She looks so uncomfortable. She also needs to loose at least 20 pounds since she depends so much on her looks when she is singing on stage.

  • drtymrtini

    She totally wears make-up the way the co-ed girls do in my older brother’s porn. I’m not kidding.

    • richard

      She does wear a lot more makeup than you usually see on tv. A few months ago she was on a German TV interview and she had very heavy eye makeup on. It would probably like fine on the stage but seems a bit overdone by the TV camera.

      On the other hand, she probably doesn’t have as much mascara on as the guy she sharing the stage with here so maybe she just didn’t want to fade into the woodwork.

      • drtymrtini

        Oh my gosh, I was going to say something about his eyeliner too, I’m glad you did.

      • Well, maybe a lot more makeup than you usually see on American TV.

  • Constantine A. Papas

    Erman sings the same tune like a pop star, but Netrebko sings it like an opera star.

  • oh, i want to enter EURO vision contest too….this is from FINLAND

  • best of ERUOVISION

    Työlki ellää by Kuunkuiskaajat

  • Who is that awful old queen with Nets? Presumably a Russian pop star…

  • Krunoslav

    That would be Filipp Kirkorov.


    Ultra-attractve set that the Met could use to replace the gorgeous WERHERE they just destroyed…

  • operadunce

    La Cieca at I agree with the general point you are making here. However, if this clip of Renee Fleming is from the Levine 25th anniversary gala, it would have been January, 1996, about five months, not two years, after she gave birth to her second daughter.

    • Yes, that is right — I was hoping for a similar color on the dress.

      Here’s Fleming in 1998, in Rosenkavalier, still bit zaftig.

      And then, same production 11 years later, slim/bordering on gaunt.

      • Jack Jikes

        Cara La Cieca -- Divas can have inappropriate lovers/husbands, they can be badly produced BUT they can NEVER be too thin. C. ’98 she looks great --
        Weight Watchers should pay you big bucks for your fore ‘n aft diptych.
        Let’s think Stratas. Thin wins.

  • Buster

    The only Eurovision star I ever saw on a classical stage was spunky Cornelia Froboess, with Hans Peter Blochwitz, telling the the Schone Magelone story in between the songs. Still remember her red pumps, and her impeccable diction -- she really stole the show that night:

    • drtymrtini

      I really need to find a great pair of shoes with a cuban heel.

      • Camille

        May I suggest Barneys’ Warehouse Sale ++ going on for a couple more days. I saw many an unloved cuban heel on the sale racks….

  • Anybody seen bonus materials on the DVD of Met’s I Puritani with Netrebko? Somebody thought it was a good idea to have Fleming as a roving reporter in that segment… The second intermission interviews have, um, rather peculiar moments. When a stage manager starts explaining to Fleming “what kind of work is required on the set for such a huge production”, she visibly tunes out. In her second interview with Netryebka, she asks her about the scene in which Elvira is coming down a long staircase and sings coloratura. “It’s a demanding scene, you have to combine so many things. You really show there that you can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

    Looked amazing, though — if a little high. One of those DVDs in which the bonus materials are better than the main thing.