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One furtive tenor

SHOWBIZ Operastar 144450“Mexikanische Startenor” Rolando Villazón has canceled tomorrow night’s performance of L’elisir d’amore at the Munich Opera Festival due to an “acute infection.”  Speaking of “a cute,” substituting in the role of Nemorino will be puppylicious Pavol Breslik. [via]

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    This is, of course, the famous underwear Elisir. Here’s hoping thjat puppylicious has the right Klang for Nemorino

    • Regina delle fate

      The German report says that he is still scheduled to sing on July 24 and 27, however.

      • Regina delle fate

        Villazon that is!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

  • Clita del Toro

    Breslik can give me an infection any time--cute or otherwise!!

    • Regina delle fate

      Well, he’s said to have a warm and caring relationship with Dorothy!

      • mrmyster

        Regina, he’s a friend of

  • jrd

    What happened to Villazon?! He looks like a court jester on crack.

  • Hippolyte

    One might note that Breslik is singing Ferrando in Cosi Fan Tutte at the MET this fall; his co-conspirator is Nathan Gunn.


      They’ll distribute tissues at intermission, one hopes.

      • Baritenor


  • Of course Vilazon is ill. He has an intestional infection--of course-hes just come back from Mexico.Pavol is bootylicious.

  • Tim

    “Intermezzo” reports that Rolando has pulled out of the Werthers at Covent Garden. If this really is the end of his career as a major singer in the important houses, as it appears it well may be, I hope he can make the transition as gracefully as possible. I can only wish him well.

  • Alto

    You’re probably right, but how many years has it now been that every cancellation, vocal trainwreck, etc. of his has supposedly heralded his final Goetterdaemerung?

    • richard

      Well, it doesn’t look like staged opera is figuring significantly in his career very much.

      At least for the rest of this year, his only opera house appearances are a pair of Bohemes in Vienna and some Elisirs at La Scala. This is per his website. The rest of his schedule is concerts.

      Oh, and if Munich is showing him scheduled for two more
      Elisirs, they may want to clarify it with him. His schedule only lists him as doing one more, on the 27th, no mention of the 24th.

      Perhaps he is ramping up his opera schedule . But I think maybe he may be realizing that a concert career is much more flexible, he can program La Cucharacha
      as he did recently in some appearances in Mexico. And not have to worry so much about high notes, and low notes, and ….

  • I saw the delightful Mr. Breslik in Don Giovanni in Munich in early July. Loved him, hated the production. I wrote it on my own blog, but was so focused on my hate of the production I nearly forgot to mention how beautiful I found his singing.

    I would have sacrificed next month’s rent to see this lad in the underwear L’Elisir, were I still in Munich.

    • mrmyster

      I love his sound; most attractive.
      I’d like him to have a half-day coaching
      Il mio tesoro with Carlos Kleiber (or,
      his ghost), then hear it again.
      Many tiny infelicities, but a dreamy
      vocal gift. How old is he?

  • mrmyster

    Who was that German tenor, bit of an odd-ball, who
    sang Ferrando at Glyndebourne about ten years ago?
    A most peculiar performance, but much assurance and
    the audience ate it up. He inserted a lot of grace notes
    and changed phrasing a bit, but in a very corrupt way
    his Una aura amoroso worked amazingly well.
    Anyone know who I refer to and what became of him?
    He did a bunch of oratorio, then sort of disappeared.
    Well, Germans do have a way of going crazy! :)

  • bash23

    Rolando did sing at the third schedulded performance in Munich. Well, he tried to but barely made it through the first act. Voice was completely gone 20 minutes after the curtain rose. After the intermisson he came on stage with managing director Bachler and said he will go on just for his fans and earned a huge ovation…