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  • phoenix: Camille, found the performance here: http://wbai.org/se rver-archive.html Thanks very much! 8:30 PM
  • Camille: No one is going to sing that Sol Eiffel!!!!! I had hope for about five minutes that Dessay could... 8:29 PM
  • Camille: Ha! Touchée! Maybe she can sing in L’Occitan as a compromise. 8:20 PM
  • NPW-Paris: Well, Chimène is supposed to be Spanish anyway. 8:17 PM
  • Camille: Well, broken down old queens have lots of slaves around the house, haven’t they? Delegate,... 8:16 PM
  • MontyNostry: I actually sure Joanie in one of her two London performances of the role before she got ill and... 8:00 PM
  • MontyNostry: Indeed, or coloraturafan̵ 7;s favourite, Ms Mosuc – as a Romanian, she can probably be... 7:59 PM
  • Camille: Et MOI Aussi!!! All I have to say in response can be contained within these wise words of Les Frèrea... 7:48 PM
  • Quanto Painy Fakor: Yes, that libretto (submitted to the Parisian censor for authorization for the first... 7:45 PM
  • phoenix: Yes, I can verify that is an intrinsic Slavic trait. 7:37 PM

Impossible things are happening every day

pectactularRemember “Toi et Moi,” the pectacular music video from which the above image is grabbed? Well, the terrific twosome who brought you that indelible video and perhaps slightly more delible audio, Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Igor Krutoi, have done it again. Their newest collaboration, “a once-in-a-lifetime musical event” called “Deja Vu” arrives at Radio City Music Hall on March 6.

So, what is “Deja Vu,” you ask? Is it opera, rock concert, arena show, or what?

The answer is “or what,” actually. Ironically, “Deja Vu” promises to be something you’ve never seen before, to wit:

Breaking all operatic strictures and inventing a new style of music called “mono-show”, Krutoi and Hvorostovsky achieve the impossible; a perfect culmination of sight and sound in an epic high fantasy theatrical program filled with arias, ballads, parables, aerial installations, extensive scenery, state of the art lighting design, and a world class orchestral and choral accompaniment.

And it goes something like this:


  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Well, DIma said he was bored with Onegin and with opera, and this will mean more to many people than all that Tchaikovskian remorse. When I was a little kid my father took me to see Roy Rogers at a large fair ground, and I will always remember his entrance on Trigger. I’m sure this will have the same impact on all the little Russian kids being taken to Radio City for this event. Can the René Pape version or that other Renée be far behind? Soon the MET will have to check with Radio City before scheduling in advance.

  • tenornmd1 says:

    • NYCOQ says:

      I am sorry, but I love schmaltzy kitsch like this. The first time I heard Caballe sing were in her duets with Freddie Mercury. As long as the opera singer in question still has a voice to carry it off I am all for cross-over crap.

  • queen amahelli says:

    oh lordy -- what a horror. All that over-production. As an old teacher of mine once said ‘You can put shit in the oven, but it doesn’t mean it’ll come out as dog biscuits’