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Wo bleibt der Chat?

elektra_chatHere’s the place for all your chatting needs, cher public, during tonight’s broadcast of Elektra from the Met.

The official chat begins at 7:45 pm for an 8:00 curtain. 

  • The Vicar of John Wakefield

    Felicity Palmer is in the great tradition of Edith Coates and Connie Shacklock. Bullock is a fine, hardworking British artist even if not a match for Tinsley, Shuard, Hayward-Segal or Green in this particular role.

    The wretched American soprano should devote hours of study to Marie Collier’s masterful recording of Chrysothemis.

    • Violetta

      LOL So even the younger Brits can’t quite pass muster yet?

  • From Wikipedia:

    Sandra Annette Bullock was born in Manassas, Virginia, the daughter of Helga D. Meyer, a German opera singer and part-time vocal coach, and John W. Bullock, a voice coach and executive from Alabama.[2][3] Bullock’s maternal grandfather was a rocket scientist from Nuremberg, Germany.[4] Bullock lived in Nuremberg until age twelve, where she sang in the opera’s children’s choir at the Staatstheater Nürnberg.[5] She frequently traveled with her mother on her opera tours, and lived in Germany and other parts of Europe for much of her childhood. She is fluent in German. Bullock studied ballet and vocal arts as a child, taking small parts in her mother’s opera productions.

    • Cassandra

      Since you’re only reporting what is written on Wikipedia I’m not quite sure whether to accept the veracity of it, but doesn’t this sound like a bit of Hollywood revisionist history? It sounds a bit too PR-ish to me. I mean, the opera singer in the family… maybe, but also a rocket scientist and a neurosurgeon and living in Nurnberg for years? Sandra Bullock -as much as she’s a lovable movie star personality- doesn’t come off as quite as worldly as that. She married a motorcycle repairman who used to be a roadie and is the epitome of white trash.

      It all sounds like fiction and a bit fishy to me. Is any of this actually verifiable? Not that this is a topic worthy of discussion here.

      • armerjacquino

        Where’s the neurosurgeon? And some people ARE rocket scientists, you know. I don’t quite get your argument that it’s revisionist- after all, it’s not as if the mother was any kind of name. If you think ‘granddaughter of a scientist, daughter of a very minor singer’ is Hollywood revisionism, they’re setting the bar pretty low.

        As for your speculations about her choice of husband and what it says about her- well, I’m not sure what you’re saying, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like it.

      • pavel

        As unworldly as you may consider her, Sandra Bullock does speak German, as can be seen in this clip of her accepting an award:

      • Cassandra

        I’ve answered some of my own questions. Someone I know studied with Sandra’s mother at Virginia Commonwealth University. She apparently moved around some as a regional singer in Germany and then decided to teach.

        As for Sandra’s husband, many people have found the relationship bizarre and it’s been commented on frequently in the press. To take me to task for a question anyone would ask is… strange, to say the least.

  • Chanterelle

    #40 rogwood: seems like Sveriges Radio P2 changed its programming and is currently broadcasting an orchestra concert. I really wanted to hear Dalayman essay this, though I can’t imagine her being demented enough. But Emma Vetter is the one to watch, er, hear, apparently.

    • Chanterelle

      My bad — didn’t look at your posting date. Webcast is tomorrow, Saturday.

  • Hmmm . . . in the house, Bullock sounded terrific -- never overparted, I didn’t strain to hear a single note. The Recognition Scene was stunning -- absolutely beautifully sung -- and played from the orchestra. I was in tears through the entire scene -- from the moment Orest fell to his knees -- followed by Elektra crumpling to the floor. Powerful stuff. The highest notes are a big problem -- more willed than sung and once touched (barely) let go of. Didn’t bother me in the least. Voigt sounded better than she has in 5 or 6 years. Palmer was stunning. Nikitin was a major disappointment (but decent actor) . . . this brief role has gotta SOUND good though (Held, Dieskau, Grundheber, Krause, Ramey, Weikl, Hynninen . . . ) it did not. Wolfgang Schmidt may win the award for the very worst Aegisth in history . . . in a long line of bad ones he was godawful. Luisi needs to change some pacing -- but was splendid otherwise. Bullock looked great onstage and all the interactions worked just fine for me. Wonderful night at the opera!

  • Camille

    Chere La Cieca,
    You may backhand me if you feel I am impertinent but I have felt concern, of late, as to what those blue ‘dos do to wash out your lovely, pristine complexion. The Elektra ‘do, although very stark in colour, suits you much better and is rejuvenating and becoming to you.
    Just came from hair salon so I’ve got ‘dos in mind.

    Love Camille Beauchamps

    P.S. Probably still @ your peak of perfection as a Champagne blonde, however.

  • Byrnham Woode

    Susan Neves, who is doing the ELEKTRA Overseer is probably covering something at the MET right now. She has done this part there before, however, and debuted at the MET back in 1993 as Third Norn and Helmwige. As short, dramatic roles go, these are some of the toughest.

    She was 2nd cover for NABUCCO its second season, and when neither Guleghina nor Gruber was up to the broadcast, Susan had a sensation. She’s done well in regional houses and in Europe, but I don’t know why her status at the MET hasn’t grown.