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addio della traviata: anna


Anna Netrebko will not sing Violetta in New York during the 2010-2011 season, La Cieca has learned. The long-expected La traviata (as discussed on Met Futures and elsewhere) was to be a version of the Willy Decker production the soprano did at Salzburg in 2005.

According to an interview the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Netrebko has decided to pull out for two reasons, a sense of routine in this production she loves so well, and a concern that she might not be as effective in the staging as she was in the well-known DVD release. (That second part at least has the ring of truth.)

The diva goes on to discuss future repertoire for her “new voice” (Anna Bolena and Faust, definitely; Trovatore and Lohengrin, possibly; but not Lulu, even though Barenboim and Decker want her to do it.)

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    I have to agree with Kashania in message 40. Violeta seems to be a good vocal fit for her and the fact that act 1 forces her to work hard is even better. I do not think this announcement is meant to read that she is retiring the role.

    I for once would like to see the production with someone else rather than Nebby-Villazon. The one reason why I don’t own that DVD is because THEY are singing in it. I would welcome another couple (I’m just not a fan of either) and maybe some adjusting of the staging. The premise sounds good and the idea of the clock a good one. The whole Violetta dying on top of the clock is ridiculous, let’s keep the clock ticking and bring a chaise for Violeta to die.

    Of the eurotrash productions that we have been treated, this seems to be one that actually had some thinking on it, at least for most of it.

  • louannd

    I am hoping (rather than expecting) that Ailyn Perez could sing it by then. She and Stephen. Young people at the Met? What a novelty!

  • Gualtier M

    I think the big thing is that Netrebko doesn’t want to repeat this production. As far as I can see Violetta is still very much in her working repertoire. She just sang it with great success in London in the very traditional and handsome Richard Eyre production. So I don’t think that Violetta is the problem but the production (the little red dress? the tenor???). We certainly already have a DVD of that production and cast in happier times, no Met in HD remake is really necessary, IMHO.

    There are a lot of important questions surrounding this cancellation. Will they cancel the importation of the Willy Decker grey corrugated wall, red sofa with big symbolic clock regie production? I heard from the horse’s mouth that this was planned not just for the traumpaar at the premiere but for a few later revivals. With who? (Dessay? Schafer? Kovalevska? De Niese??)

    So what will they do? Put on another opera for Trebs and Rolly? (Boheme? Elisir? Romeo et Juliette?) Or will they still bring the Decker “Traviata” in and recast it with Miss X? What about just reviving the old Zef mach II with Gheorghiu, Fleming, Hong or Dunleavy?

    Of course if Anna thinks that her effectiveness as Violetta in the Decker konzept ist kaput then how about her appearing in the Zef mach II? She might be the girl to actually dominate that production! (I think that Gheorghiu, Stoyanova and Gallardo-Domas did well in it).

    Lots of big questions here without trashing Netrebko. What will Gelb do?

  • Arianna a Nasso

    37 Chenier631 -- Stop lying, there are no high Fs in Lulu. I dare you to try to quote me the measures in which they occur. Yes, there are several notes above high C (including an E in the Paris scene), but there often are lower options in the score. Evelyn Lear certainly took the highest notes down, and I wouldn’t be surprised if in performance lyric sopranos like Stratas, Migenes Johnson, and Malfitano utilized some of those variations as well.

  • It seems to La Cieca that she remembers Evelyn Lear saying there is one high D in “Lulu” that is absolutely de rigeur; otherwise the role can be sung without ever going over C. The part of Lulu is full of “ossias” in order to make it singable — whether these alternative vocal lines are by Berg or an editor La Cieca does not know.

  • phillyoperalover

    Umm ok heres what i think.

    1. anna need to sit down and shut up for a year! she doesn’t need to be singing any heavy stuff right now! she needs to find her voice again. take off for a while take care of the child! she sound and excuse my french but she sounds like she has a 12 inch you know what in her throat! She can not pull of anna bolena! she can probally pass through it but not give its true excitment like Sills, Sutherland, Gencer.
    1a) Faust maybe but she need to lighten up some and have that light sound
    1b)Travatore maybe idk she should be singing verdi
    1c) German maybe it will not be good for her voice now maybe 7 years from now
    1d) Lulu hell to the no she should not sing it! she can hardly do a high e flat! come get real!

    2) dessay just did the role come one let her get into the water! let her get use to it. Yes i would love to see her in more Handel, shes great in that and more mozart. She’s great in bel canto too! well her scream in lucia scared me to death but effective. I think she will do fine in Puritani.

    3) as for ms. fleming I think she should go onto the strauss stage more lush roles. I think shes coming towards the end of her singing career. just a bit.

    4) I think the Met and other opera companies shoud do 2 things

    a) Use singer that you already have! come on your treating then like used tissues! reuse them! They are still good! like Ruth Ann, H.H.H, you know.

    b) use young singers! let them grow and bloom. And you wonder why there voices cant carry out into the MET.

    5 and final point lol i dont have a final point lol i have a story so i had a dream the kristen chenoweth did zerbinetta, despina, susanna, and rosina! maybe?

  • Gualtier M

    Okay the Met press release has just confirmed this AND THAT GELB IS PROCEEDING WITH THE DECKER PRODUCTION WITHOUT HER!!! La Cieca: It is Official, Gelb is not a fucking genius.

  • Buster

    Marina Poplavskaya made quite a splash in the Decker Traviata a couple of months ago. Is she Met material yet?

  • Hippolyte

    Yet? She made her MET debut in 07 in War & Peace and is scheduled for the HD of Turandot as Liu in November.

    Frankly, I don’t believe for a moment that the Decker Traviata will ever come to the MET. It’s strictly a press announcement to be followed months later by a different production altogether (Iolanta/Aleko would be my hope) done for Netrebko. With the loss of both Netrebko and Villazon, what would be the point? And how many other sopranos are there out there (particularly those who both sell tickets and would look good in those short dresses)? And haven’t we been Traviata-ed to death at the MET lately anyway?

  • Buster
  • Gualtier M

    Hippolyte, that would be wonderful beyond words to have Iolanta (hopefully with Trebs and Bezcala) and another short piece. It would also be wonderful to keep Netrebko in place and have a different production of “Traviata” -- maybe Jack O’Brien? Even better would be to have Kaufmann, Bezcala or Calleja as her Alfredo.

    However, if Peter Clark says that the Met is going forward with the Decker travesty then that I am sure is what they are doing. Poplavskaya, probably a Friend/Billinghurst fetish could get one of the scheduled revivals as could Kovalevska. Word going around is that Dessay is being pursued to replace Netrebko in the Decker “Traviata” with Villazon still in place (he has only been released from his Hoffmann contract -- and Calleja’s image in now replacing his image in the promotional images on the Met site.) Frankly this “Traviata” is smelling like a disaster already.

  • Gualtier M

    The NY Times blog has announced the Gheorghiu “Carmen” cancellation and the Netrebko “Traviata” cancellation. However, it also notes that Marina Poplavskaya will indeed replace Netrebko. I don’t know what I think about this… I remember when Gheorghiu was replaced by Fleming who was replaced by Racette when Zef Mach II premiered.

  • mrmyster

    But earlier today it was announced that Angela G. would be singing Traviatas at the Met — I assumed taking up for Nebrebko. It would make sense.