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  • armerjacquino: I made no comment on whether Lopez could sing anything: I’ve never heard her. I was... 11:11 AM
  • oedipe: I am talking about Lopez. 11:08 AM
  • armerjacquino: Don’t put words into my mouth. I said that Freni would have no trouble with Leila... 11:06 AM
  • La Valkyrietta: Thanks for the selections from Macbeth. As to the soprano, no Marianna Barbieri-Nini her,... 11:01 AM
  • oedipe: I am not all that familiar with the Gretels out there, but the bar seems to be set pretty low in... 10:59 AM
  • armerjacquino: No wonder they’re good. 10:54 AM
  • Clita del Toro: Ciccia–wow, it’s still there! 10:46 AM
  • oedipe: I have heard Petibon at Bastille and she was perfectly audible. But I suppose that she -as well as... 10:42 AM
  • MontyNostry: Interestingly, both she and Corinne Winters seem to be pupils of Diana Soviero. 10:35 AM
  • MontyNostry: In that Trovatore excerpt (which sounds a bit big for her, though she sings very nicely), Ms... 10:34 AM

magnum “forza”


La Cieca is delighted to present, by special arrangement with VAI, the legendary “New Orleans Forza” as the latest installment of Unnatural Acts of Opera.  This live performance was recorded in March of 1953 and stars Zinka Milanov, Mario del Monaco and Leonard Warren.  You can hear the first act after the jump.  La forza del destino (Verdi) Part 1

This podcast is based on VAI AUDIO CD 1252-3, which is available from amazon.com.


  • Camille says:

    A 1979 Met performance of Don Carlo featured a very scary Wildermann as the Grand Inquisitor. Never saw him again but never have forgotten him. Guess that old truism about there being no small roles is correct in this instance.