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Cost disease rampant in city!

love nestIntrepid cub reporter Terry Teachout has scored the scoop of the century: the Met is selling well below capacity!

A boom with a view

“It’s in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ section of the Lady Gaga issue, involving Brian Mitchell, archivist and occasional child wrangler with the Houston Grand Opera.” The Wall Street Journal interviews “Opera’s Other Booming Voice,” F. Paul Driscoll (not pictured).

Mist opportunity

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So sleepy

Oh, Christ, can you fucking believe a spokesperson for the Met chorus is still clanking on about the price of the poppy field in Prince Igor?

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The Met: What is to be done?

Coming as Peter Gelb did from the music industry, opera lovers hoped that he would display a more distinctive knack for casting and an improved talent pipeline than Joe Volpe offered during the waning years of his tenure.

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Butt, in seat

“Mr. Decker joined Acts II, III and IV by creating a tableau at the end of each act that dissolved into the beginning of the next. It was theatrically effective, but made for a long sit for the audience.”  This, and a whole lot of other hogwash, in The Wall Street Journal.

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