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Winterstorms that go bump in the night

In one of Saki’s stories (“The Game Bag”), a pair of his pompous suburban aristocrats explode over a social gaffe. After some time the louder and burlier one stomps off in a huff. “It was as though,” says the author, “one had come straight out from a Wagner opera into a rather tame thunderstorm.” Read more »

Bold faced names

It’s good to see our old friends at Mad Libs are commissioning contemporary classical music.

O sofa fanciulla

Winsome, tony, and studded with overbooked bistros, Tanglewood is not exactly crawling with bohemians these days. But on Saturday, the nonconformist spirit was out in full force, with a concert staging of La Bohème that brought scandal, rain, and silly summer glamour to the Koussevitzky shed.  Read more »

Wine coolers are the first thing, morals follow on

Skirting the leafy, patrician Berkshires of Western Mass, and flush with wine coolers and white people, pastoral Tanglewood doesn’t much resemble the dark Nibelung settings of Norse myth.

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