Cher Public

Moon and stars

One of the major complaints about the five year casting system (as well as the shared productions by different companies) is that operatic events are rarely surprises anymore. You thought Diva So-and-So and Divo This-and-That were great in Composer X’s “________”? Well, prepare to see them in that exact same opera and exact same production in London. And New York. And Munich. And Vienna. And so on and so forth.  Read more »

Mite, gioconda, atroce

In preparation for tonight’s Angela Gheorghiu/Jonas Kaufmann Sternstunde at Carnegie Hall, La Cieca invites the cher public to share your favorite memories and YouTube clips of Adriana Lecouvreur performances present and past. (Photo: Alastair Muir)

Love, love and love!

Jummy Jonas Kaufmann and awe-inspiring Anna Netrebko team for the great duet from Manon, as heard last night at the Waldbühne Berlin. Read more »