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Billy’s club

When Winston Churchill was First Sea Lord, the story goes, an indignant admiral accused him of violating British naval tradition, to which Churchill replied that the only traditions of the British Navy were rum, sodomy and the lash. Churchill later denied he’d ever said this; he did say he wished he had. Certainly that had been the tradition of the navy in 1797, as depicted by Benjamin Britten in Billy Budd, his opera of 1951, now being superbly performed (twice more: Tuesday and Thursday) at BAM’s Howard Gilman Opera House in a snappy Michael Grandage production touring from the Glyndebourne Festival.  Read more »

More sodomy than “Cats!”

pig_lipstickOn the subject of the FringeNYC’s production of The Pig, the Farmer and the Artist, Our Own JJ writes: “Gay stereotypes and penis jokes, with enough sodomy references for an entire season of Oz!” [NY Post]