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“It’s been a lot of fun”

Joyce DiDonato and Rufus Wainwright will discuss a variety of topics, including the differences and similarities between opera and popular music, the current place of opera in modern culture, why music matters both to them personally and in general, and more.” [SubCulture]

I gave my love a cherry that had no tone

Rufus (Prima Donna) Wainwright sinks his teeth into a little Mascagni, partnered by a very game Sarah Fox.   Read more »

“This is the point of no return!”

“My opera will be the grandest of all! It’s the Roman empire, four acts, choruses, dancing boys. I have never shied away from the exoticism and gilded fantabulousness of the opera world. I have no fear of incense. [Laughs] That’s why I love to incense the critics. [Laughs]” [OUT]

Just another prick and the wall

Why Rufus Wainwright is turning a Roman emperor into a cock…

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If you have chunks, prepare to spew them now

For Rufus Wainwright, sitting in a dressing room backstage at Latitude festival, rock ‘n’ roll habits die hard.

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We hold these truths to be self-evident

“Rufus Wainwright Talks Opera Prima Donna and Why the Genre’s ‘Not for Sissies'”

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Rain on the Rufus

“With Anjelica Huston, Parker Posey and Yoko Ono dotting the crowd at BAM Sunday afternoon, the New York City Opera’s premiere of Prima Donna offered more diva presence offstage than on.”

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Eye witnesses?

Appearances to the contrary, La Cieca can’t be everywhere at once, so she’s relying on you, cher public, to share your impressions (written, not vocal) of the Rufus Wainwright/George Steel extravaganza last night at the World Financial Center. (Extra points for the use of the word “travertine.”)

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