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Puss perfect

Xavier Montsalvatge is best known in these parts for the songs of his “Antilles” period in the 1940s, the exquisite “Cinco Canciones Negras” and so on, making use of rhythms and melodies with a Caribbean flavor. In a ninety-year life, nearly all of it passed quietly in his turbulent native Catalonia, honored by every changing governments, he wrote in a dozen forms and as many styles, ignoring the trends, remaining true to himself.   Read more »

Kukla, Fran and Fafner

La Cieca just stumbled across this casting call for “puppeteers.” Read more »

String theory

“Puppets, of course, can be diverting, but they have no depth. This is fine if your audience has, as Mr. Lepage must hope, childlike emotional demands. But ultimately, for an adult, watching puppets is simply boring after a while, not because they’re not beautifully done, but because they’re not alive. After the initial burst of wonder at the logistics and detail of their operation—which fades, by my watch, in about 15 minutes—you’re left with little.” Zachary Woolfe (not pictured) mulls on the limitations of Robert Lepage.

Looking for Trouble

That little Pinkerton brat is all grown up — and now he’s formed his own opera company.

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