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Oh, signor Johnson

La Cieca is going to go out on a not very long limb here and say that Dick Johnson in La fanciulla del West is a great role for Jonas Kaufmann and may well turn out to be one of his three or four greatest. The evidence is all there on YouTube. There is one odd thing, though. Read more »

Per sempre, Dick!

“’I never understood why’… Men take steroids. I mean ok, it makes you big and buff, but it shrinks your penis. I mean ok, the muscles attract the women, but at the end of the night, aren’t they embarrassed?” [Playbill Arts]  

“Some in the business call it ‘Peter’s Dilemma’.” [New York Times]

Battle of the bulge

bulge_abercrombieInspired by Our Own Camille (not pictured, obviously), La Cieca proposes a new competition in honor of the Met’s coming revival of La fanciulla del West. Your challenge: share with us the most suggestive double-entendre line in a published synopsis or review of Puccini’s opera. Read more »

endowment takes another hit

Bloomberg News (your go-to source for bad news about New York City Opera) today laments that the company has “once again reached deep into its endowment.” According to scribe Zinta Lundborg, that endowment has suffered perhaps irreversible shinkage, dwindling from a massive, bulging $51 million in 2001 to a puny, humiliating $3 million currently. Lundborg suggests NYCO has been abusing its endowment by milking it repeatedly; meanwhile, hands-on assistance from deep-pocket donors has still not come. Quite a handful for George Steel, as he, in the words of Anne Midgette, “tries to get it up and running again.”

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steel yourselves

Our Own JJ takes to the airwaves this afternoon to yak about the new regime at NYCO. He’ll be on “Soundcheck” on WNYC between 2:00 and 3:00 PM. La Cieca is told that George Steel himself will also be on the program, so she will caution JJ to be sparing in his use of the word “dick.” In fact, the word “dick” may soon be used not at all, if the reaction of at least one NYCO staffer to Steel’s introductory meeting this morning holds true. La Cieca hears that the new GD’s brief remarks were “auspicious and well-received” and […]

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pardon my boner!

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