Cher Public

Journalist’s afternoon tea guest list decimated

“That this gratuitous degradation should be presented in 2015 Britain by the nation’s most highly subsidised arts institution shames not only the production’s director, Damiano Michieletto, but also Covent Garden’s chief executive, Alex Beard, and the director of opera, Kasper Holten. Why did they concur? I was shocked to see children in the audience.”   Read more »

Dead nacred

La Cieca (not pictured) surrenders, cher public: she can no longer bear the burden of opposing ignorant, hysterical pearl-clutching on the internet. The clutchers have won. Read more »

Neuzheli nikto o detiakh ne zabotitsja?!

“Russian children’s ombudsman Pavel Astakhov called upon the newly appointed culture minister to check a Russian-British opera production for sex and drug scenes…. “The staging is about a boy who was raped by a pedophile teacher. Having smoked a cigarette with marijuana, he falls into a dream and recalls the past.” [The Moscow News]