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Chalfant, cranky in a chemise.

Mostly Mozart concerts used to begin, more often than not, with a pre-concert recital (followed by a cocktail or caffeine) to warm us and the performers up. On Wednesday, at the Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse, at the all too civilized hour of 10 p.m., an hour of dessert was bestowed upon us (free wine and cold Perrier!) by the New York Festival of Song, Steven Blier’s organization to match young singers with unusual repertory.  Read more »

The Prince of Alice Tully Hall

Either you adore “The World Is but a Broken Toy” from Act II of Princess Ida and have always wanted to hear it sung by voices of operatic quality… or you don’t… and you haven’t. You are immune, as so many are, to operetta, once serene occupant of the theatric perch latterly usurped by the likes of Les Miserables and Evita. Long ago—but operetta seems always to have evoked “long ago,” to have been an art of nostalgia. Long ago, in operetta’s heyday, singers didn’t use microphones and the tunes that showed their voices off were a whole lot better than the current Broadway crop.   Read more »