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The need for speed

I’ve lost count of the fine singers I heard for the very first time during Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival the latest being beauteous Trinidadian soprano Jeanine De Bique who appeared Sunday afternoon with the visiting Budapest Festival Orchestra under Ivan Fischer. Read more »

Berlin wall

Since it premiered seven years ago, the Suzanne Andrade/Barrie Kosky animated production of Die Zauberflöte has proved wildly popular and has been remounted all over the world. Why then, during its New York City premiere Wednesday night for the opening of the Mostly Mozart Festival, did I mostly want to close my eyes and just listen? Read more »

Rosa’s turn

To heck with Bayreuth and Salzburg, Glimmerglass and Santa Fe as Rosa Feola sang Mozart at Lincoln Center Friday night and I wouldn’t have been anywhere else!  Read more »

Aggrieved is the glorious work

What could go wrong? As it turned out: just about everything!

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Bernstein’s Mess

“I think that if it’s not [Bernstein’s] worst, it surely reflects his worst tendencies…”

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Mostly Mozart in the Jungle

Tack on a little symphonic Beethoven and some particularly zany hosting patter from Bernadette Peters, and you start to lose focus, or at least some sense of, um, what matters mostly.

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That’s how they did it

Idomeneo proved enormously moving while a much more complicated Così fan Tutte went for shallow romantic hijinks stripping that work of its darkly ambiguous disturbing view of love.

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Everything is illuminated

Few new operas have received the near-unanimous acclaim that has greeted Written on Skin since its first performance at the 2012 Aix-en-Provence Festival.

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