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In the air tonight

It’s a World Pride Month miracle! Michael Fabiano sits down with Matt Baume on The Sewers of Paris podcast.

An evening in the Sewers

Mean, moody, magnificent Matt Baume (left) hosts a live version of his celebrated podcast The Sewers of Paris this afternoon beginning at 5:00 PM Eastern time. Our Own JJ (not pictures) jumps into the conversation circa 6:30 PM. You can watch and listen to the whole shebang after the jump. Read more »

Ein Wolf war er feigen Füchsen!

Matt Baume, whose indispensable podcast The Sewers of Paris has been noted here before, also plays video games online while people watch and comment, which is apparently a thing. (Don’t ask your doyenne, who is still working on the first level of Asteroids.)

So, anyway, last week we game in question was The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery, in which the plot hinges on the discovery and premiere of a previously unknown Wagner opera about werewolves. So here’s Matt enjoying the gripping final scene of Der Fluch des Engelhart, the music for which is not in fact by the Meister, but rather by Robert Holmes. Read more »