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Blonde Venus?

The frequently-omniscient Future Met Wiki has recently vouchsafed a few morsels about upcoming Met seasons. Details after the jump!  Read more »

Perfect is the enemy of the good

Instead of disaster, a narrow escape

So I just got out of the Lohengrin prima at the ROH and I’m itching to share my thoughts. This staging was relatively standard for a contemporary production, set in a drab timeless European locale with vaguely 30s fascist vibes, a kind of spears plus rifles aesthetic. The swan boat as well as fireworks for the act two festivities were depicted with projections. While taking few risks in terms of concept, on the whole it worked quite well for me.  Read more »

The sprite in you

Yesterday’s first half of the Rusalka video overview took us from literalism toward Regietheater. Today’s conclusion, covering filmed performances of Dvorák’s opera since 2010, charts the progression in reverse.   Read more »

You stepped out of a dream

One of opera’s great “what ifs?” is what would young Erich Wolfgang Korngold have contributed to the repertoire had the likes of The Adventures of Robin Hood not beckoned him to Hollywood?

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