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The unusual suspects

Heidi Waleson’s comprehensive history of the New York City Opera—the clunkily titled Mad Scenes and Exit Arias:  The Death of the New York City Opera and the Future of Opera in America—offers a bracing reminder of the chaotic precariousness of running an opera company in the United States.   Read more »

And I’m not throwing away my gold!

hamiltonWrites Heidi Waleson, “The new Lyric Opera of Chicago Ring cycle, which began with Das Rheingold on Oct. 1, reads like a reply to the many over-thought conceptual interpretations of recent years, especially the Metropolitan Opera’s giant ‘machine’.”

See, this is why I’ll never be the critic Heidi is. I sat through the Met’s Ring twice, and it never occurred to me that any thought had gone into it at all.

Putting the concept before the horse

No, that’s not how it’s supposed to work, Heidi Waleson: “I only realized why when I read the program article afterwards: Mr. Sher, a current house favorite, has given the opera a subtext about the birth of the Risorgimento, the 19th-century movement for a unified Italy against its Austrian oppressor.”