Cher Public

I’ve never seen one as big as that before

The ineffable Fred Plotkin explains why, so far as he’s concerned, size doesn’t matter.  Read more »


chandelierFred Plotkin, who wrote Opera 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Opera and writes about opera for the classical music radio station WQXR, said. . . . ‘[W]hen you’re really quiet, you can hear the tinkling when they stop. That sound, to me, is the sound of the Met’.” [New York Times]

Dead nacred

La Cieca (not pictured) surrenders, cher public: she can no longer bear the burden of opposing ignorant, hysterical pearl-clutching on the internet. The clutchers have won. Read more »

“I meant to do that”

What does rankle your doyenne is the “Special Freddie” awarded to Christine Goerke, whose response is, well, perhaps a trifle less than completely ingenuous.

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Steely gaze

“Is that dear Mr. Plotkin I see?” queries a doyenne.

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Gee, our old Chagalls hang great

It’s time to bring out the canard again, this time a whole row of them in fact.

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