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I’ve never seen one as big as that before

The ineffable Fred Plotkin explains why, so far as he’s concerned, size doesn’t matter.  Read more »


chandelierFred Plotkin, who wrote Opera 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Opera and writes about opera for the classical music radio station WQXR, said. . . . ‘[W]hen you’re really quiet, you can hear the tinkling when they stop. That sound, to me, is the sound of the Met’.” [New York Times]

Dead nacred

La Cieca (not pictured) surrenders, cher public: she can no longer bear the burden of opposing ignorant, hysterical pearl-clutching on the internet. The clutchers have won. Read more »

“I meant to do that”

Of course La Cieca takes exception to some of the selections for the 2014 Freddie Awards, but that’s what makes baseball, after all. What does rankle your doyenne (and by how you surely know you do not want to see La Cieca rankled!) is the “Special Freddie” awarded to Christine Goerke, whose response is, well, perhaps a trifle less than completely ingenuous. Read more »

Steely gaze

“Is that dear Mr. Plotkin I see?” queries a doyenne.

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Gee, our old Chagalls hang great

It’s time to bring out the canard again, this time a whole row of them in fact.

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