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Perder quell’angelo?

Our own JJ (not pictured) received a belated birthday present in the form of an excerpt from last night’s concert in Vienna in which Anna Netrebko spreads her wings for a performance of “D’amor sull’ali rosee,” assisted by the luxe Manrico of Jonas Kaufmann. Read more »

Sunny side up

4328823106_d5d6f7c354Opera’s girl next door—if you live on Riverside Drive—Anna Netrebko discusses her many egg recipes and her favorite pajama boutiques in the Sunday Routine column in the New York Times. (Her own John Raitt, in the person of Erwin Schrott, put in a cameo appearance not in pajamas but a tight t-shirt.)

Happy Birthday Don Giovanni

adventuresofdonjuanThe original gay pirate is (sort of) 223 years old, since the Prague premiere of Mozart’s masterpiece took place on October 29, 1787. Read more »

right to bare arms


Hot hot hot Erwin Schrott is obviously not not not allowing fatherhood and impending marriage to distract him from quality gym time. More photos of the Schrott gun show (as seen recently in the Vienna Volksoper Theater an der Wien production of Don Giovanni) after the jump. Read more »

upwardly mobile

Who says media overexposure isn’t good for the career? Note, for example, how the heavily hyped bass-baritone Erwin Schrott has now made the transition into a dual career as lyric baritone and spinto soprano. And that poor schlub who used to update the blog for Martha Stewart now writes captions for the New York Times!

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it’s a boy (but you knew that)

Congratulations to proud papa Erwin Schrott, whose 7 pound, 13 ounce boy TBA Tiago Aura Arua Schrott was born today in Vienna. La Cieca extends her best wishes as well to Anna Netrebko, though she hopes the couple will not allow any cigar smoking in the presence of The Schrott Tot. (“Tiago,” La Cieca is informed, is a Portuguese form of the name “Santiago.)

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september song

La Cieca hears that Anna Netrebko has scheduled the birth of The Schrott Tot for September 1 in Salzburg via c-section.

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Erogenous Erwin Schrott is the subject of a newly-launched Decca artist site publicizing his new CD, due for release July 22. And speaking of twins, did La Cieca mention that Mr. Schrott was separated at birth from Jonathan Rhys-Meyers? Though, of course, the always independent OperaChic has her own ideas of who’s the Doppelgänger.

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