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The hills are alive with the sound of muumuus

Soprano Anna Pirozzi is singing Norma at the Teatro Colón (as one does) and now that you know what the costume is supposed to represent, it’s time to offer suggestions (with images if you like) as to what her outfit actually looks like.  Read more »

Margosha koshka zhiva!

UPDATE: Video of Anna Netrebko’s “Peak Elizabeth Taylor” look in action. Read more »

“The world is a better place when we think beyond ourselves”

Today is World AIDS Day.

Lounging in their caftans and planning a triumph on their own behalf

brunchThis candid photo from the dress rehearsal of San Francisco Opera’s new production of Aida reveals a fascinating production concept: the entire action is set at a cocktail party at the Taylor-Burtons’ circa 1971.