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Orientalism alive and well on the Upper West Side

“The festival closes with the U.S. premiere of Kaija Saariaho’s chamber opera Only the Sound Remains, directed by Peter Sellars. Based on two Noh plays, the hypnotic work creates a shimmering world of supernatural encounters, given voice by countertenor Philippe Jaroussky and bass-baritone Davóne Tines, and embodied by dancer Nora Kimball-Mentzos.” [Lincoln Center Announces 2018 White Light Festival]

If you want to send a message, don’t use the ‘Telegraph’

verdiBrit rag The Telegraph reported early today the Verdi opera Aida had been canceled at Bristol University due to student protests about cultural appropriation. A later update of the story corrected one tiny error of fact: not Verdi but Elton John. Oops! What’s worse, the online story carries no indication a correction has been made. Read more »

O patria, quanto mi costi!

cultural-appropriation“The antagonistic themes of Aida seem to have spilled into the wings after a student production of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera was cancelled amid a row over suggestions of ‘cultural appropriation’.” [Telegraph]