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“Yeah, I was in London and I got a text message from Renee Fleming. Isn’t that the gayest thing you’ve ever heard? Oh my God. I was lying in my bed in London and Ne-ne texted me. That’s how I found out! …. But honestly though, like real talk: it didn’t feel as good as when Obama won, or when Whitney died. In terms of gay activity on the Internet.” Nico Muhly muses (if that is indeed the word) on marriage equality.

Great moments in synergy, 2011 edition

state_of_the_unionOf all places, NY1’s “Inside City Hall” is the setting for an opera roundtable  tonight when John Adams, Peter Sellars, James Maddalena, and Peter Gelb appear on the program to discuss the impending premiere of Nixon in China at the Met. “Inside City Hall” airs at 7 p.m. tonight with a special edition after the State of the Union.