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Nixon in preview

nixon_in_chinaThere were a disproportionate number of young people at the Met today—even younger than me, which is really young. That made me happy and smile while filing in line to enter the auditorium. Hopefully this is the next generation of undying fans and queens about to plunge into a “new” world of opera spearheaded by John AdamsNixon in China from the 80s: a MET premiere no less!

But let’s get to the dish of this dress.  Read more »

One sigh fits all

sospiriI used to think that recital albums, greatest hits albums, and concert albums were just products of a singer’s vanity—or conductor—and that they terribly lacked imagination or preparation or dramatic heft. “Greatest Hits” albums frequently suffer from this affliction, as it is, more often than not, just a mish-mash of what this soprano or that basso sings best without regard for the medium of albums. No drama, no story, just “look (or listen) at me.”

When I received this recording of Cecilia Bartoli’s Sospiri, I was a little worried: I had just finished reviewing an awful recital album and here comes another one? But from the very first notes coming from the orchestra and more so when I heard the first few seconds of Ceci’s vocal wonder, I knew this was going to be a different experience. Read more »

Bland ambition

garanca_habaneraI tried so hard to like Elina Garanca’s Habanera, an album of songs and arias about gypsies, but it was really difficult. I would’ve been able write this review earlier and quicker if I could just make myself like the album a lot, or even dislike it so that I could rail against the project and her. That didn’t even happen. I was just “meh” about it; nothing special except for the fashioney little booklet that came with it that made me feel like I was going to buy something from a catalog from some Vermont furniture store—and can we talk about that cover? Read more »