parterre box recording curator par excellence Chris Corwin:
A parterre box reader has generously offered up a second, better-sounding recording of Lise Davidsen‘s Paris Salome. This new version comes from May 25. Many thanks for sharing it.
I encourage anyone dismayed by sound quality of the first upload to try again with the new one. Others who have already listened might enjoy a second encounter with a different performance.
Strauss: Salome

Salome: Lise Davidsen
Herodes: Gerhard Siegel
Herodias: Ekaterina Gubanova
Jochanaan: Johann Reuter
Narraboth: Pavol Breslik
Page der Herodias: Katharina Magiera
Erster Jude: Matthäus Schmidlechner
Zweiter Jude: Éric Huchet
Dritter Jude: Maciej Kwasnikowski
Vierter Jude: Nicholas Jones
Fünfter Jude: Florent Mbia
Erster Nazarener: Luke Stoker
Zweiter Nazarener: Yiorgo Ioannou
Erster Soldat: Dominic Barbieri
Zweiter Soldat: Bastian Thomas Kohl
Cappadocier: Alejandro Baliñas Vieites
Ein Sklave: Ilanah Lobel-Torres

Conductor: Mark Wigglesworth
Opéra National de Paris
25 May 2024
In-house recording

Photo: Charles DuPrat