This week’s post is a bit of a departure for your Jungfer Marianne (pictured). It’s a New Year’s salute to all the broad and brassy dames, divas, and diseuses we have grown to love from the 1950s and 1960s. In a special collaboration with, La Cieca, the grand doyenne of Parterre Box, and I have decided to turn it into a contest!

We supply only the song titles, and whoever correctly identifies the most performers (with bonus half-points for naming a) the corresponding Broadway or movie musical, or b) performance venue) wins the prize of a coveted Amazon Gift Card in the amount of $100.00.. The closing date is Monday, 5 January 2015 at 9:00 PM. At that time, all of the performers will be identified here and on Mixcloud and, hopefully, a winner will be crowned.

Whoever identifies the most selections correctly by the deadline will win In case of a tie (including extra points), the earliest timestamped of the tying comments will be declared the winner. All decisions will be made by La Cieca, which I don’t think I need to tell you implies finality.

Good luck! Many thanks to my constant supporters, and all best wishes for a fabulous 2015!

01 – “Co-Star” Introduction
02 – “It’s Good to Be Here”
03 – “Today I Love Everybody”
04 – “I Travel Light”
05 – “Everybody Loves to Take a Bow”
06 – “Turn Me Loose on Broadway”
07 – “It’s Good to Do a Lot of Living”
08 – “Lonely Woman”
09 – “Sei gut zu Mama”
10 – “Wenn es Nacht wird in Paris”
11 – “You Go to My Head”
12 – “Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks”
13 – “Téléphonez-moi”
14 – “Santiago”
15 – “Anything Goes”
16 – “Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend”
17 – “Men”
18 – “The Pleasure Seekers”
19 – “Das Chicago Song”
20 – “Sex”
21 – “Light My Fire”
22 – “What Does It Take?”
23 – Good Night