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Meyerbeer goggles

In honor of Giacomo Meyerbeer, the unjustly or (depending on how you look at it) justly neglected 19th century opera composer, a selection from Mike Richter‘s “Meyerbeer Operas” CD-ROM.

Il Crociato in Egitto
Carnegie Hall, New York
March 28, 1979

Aladino, sultan of Damletta: Justino Diaz
Palmide, daughter of Aladino: Yvonne Kenny
Armando d’Orville, knight, also known as Elmireno: Felicity Palmer
Adriano di Montfort: Rockwell Blake
Felicia: Dana Krueger
Alma: Carol Cates
Osmin: James Atherton

Conductor: Gianfranco Masini
Orchestra and Chorus of the Sacred Music Society
West Point Military Band