Our JJ‘s recent reminiscences over at WQXR about the whopping cost of a Ring recording back in the Mad Men era seemed all the more startling to La Cieca when she took a gander at a “new” live Ring offered by our friends at Opera Depot.

The audio recording is from the historic 1965 Bayreuth Festival, with casting similar to that of the classic Philips release taped in 1966-1967: Karl Bõhm conducting Birgit Nilsson, Wolfgang Windgassen, Theo Adam, Leonie Rysanek, James King, Josef Greindl, Thomas Stewart, Anja Silja… plus Martti Talvela, Kerstin Meyer and Lili Chookasian.

The amazing thing here is that Opera Depot is currently offering this complete performance for only $50.91 on CD and $29.37 on MP3! (And—full disclosure—if you order through this link, parterre.com will receive a commission of 20% on each set sold.)