In the interest of absolute accuracy (for surely the cher public deserves no less!) La Cieca offers the following correction. The location pictured in the still photo of Naked Opera is not, in fact, the Berlin Komische Oper, but rather the Hotel Imperial in Vienna. And how does La Cieca know that, you ask?

She has it from the most reliable possible source: Marc Rollinger, the subject of the documentary, who only a few moments ago contacted your doyenne with this correction as well as some other perhaps less immediately publishable information. What can be shared at this point is one new aspect of Marc’s “life without compromise: intense and profound, full of love and passion” and all that. The protagonist confesses, “Thanks to your blog I was recognized the first time as a movie star,” by what La Cieca assumes were members of the cher public dining at Bel Canto in London.