2000_2010_winnerCongratulations to Rysanekfreak (pictured), contributor of the best top ten list in La Cieca’s Oughty But Nice competition. The ‘Freak’s somewhat meta compilation was entitled The Top Ten Participants I Have Most Enjoyed Reading on Parterre Box During the Last Decade. Rysanekfreak will receive a $100 gift card from amazon.com. 

So many wonderful lists were offered up that La Cieca found herself with no choice but to extend her largesse, and so she has selected two runners-up who should prepare themselves to serve out Rysanekfreak’s term of office in the wake of the inevitable sex scandal. Winning tshirts from the CafePress parterre box collection are Valmont for The Top Ten Not Necessarily Romantic Power Couples of the Past Ten Years and Baritenor for The Ten Most Uncomfortable, Unpredictable or Unintentionally Hilarious Moments at the Met’s HD Transmission Backstage Segments.

And let La Cieca just add, “You are all winners, even though some of you are less winning that others.”