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  • NPW-Paris: Link to Paris’s 2016-3017 season: https://www.operad 6-17 1:22 AM
  • Lankin: Hm, hm, … I think that Otello might not be a good example. Or it might be a perfect one. I’m not sure. Let me explain... 12:58 AM
  • danpatter: Amen to that! 12:51 AM
  • danpatter: La Price was my introduction to opera. I had public radio on one afternoon, and this voice began singing, and I thought,... 12:46 AM
  • Patrick Mack: God bless that woman. She is for realz always. 12:40 AM
  • Lohenfal: Liebster MMII, thanks for the review. Your words are very encouraging, since I’m scheduled to see Opolais/Alagna in... 12:32 AM
  • Lankin: “Because a round table with Anne Midgette in the Washington Post, for the consumption of the predominantly-whit e patrons... 12:27 AM
  • marshiemarkII: Yes exactly carisssimo SF Guy!, you see carisssima Porgy poor MMII still has her marbles fairly intact after all :lol: 11:43 PM

Encouraging young things to grow

La Cieca has just reviewed the parterre circulation numbers and she is delighted and not a little perplexed to note that the day of the Great Opera News Kerfuffle provided our site with the highest number of pageviews in history, a total of 33,565 views in the 24 hours of Tuesday May 22. Thanks to this story and the WQXR drama a few weeks earlier, parterre is on track for its busiest month ever. Read more »