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  • Milady DeWinter: Oh! The son! Oy! His blog about the underbelly of Hollywood life while working as a cab driver are very sad, for him, for... 1:59 PM
  • Camille: The Popplet *Daphne* is so beautifully sung, usw. 1:55 PM
  • Camille: Just finished it Buster, and you were so wise to recommend this one as the Popplet is so beautifully sung — the only... 1:54 PM
  • Cocky Kurwenal: She sang Olympia in 1955, but it doesn’t feel accurate to say it launched her in the coloratura Fach. It was more of... 1:53 PM
  • Will: I always liked Ms Reese and was delighted when I heard her singing “MusettaR 21; over the radio. When I informed my school... 1:52 PM
  • Buster: Could it be you have the performance from a week later, February 26th? That has the same cast you liust above, and was issued on... 1:46 PM
  • Camille: Oh hello Milady—YES, the poor lady suffered a terrible downfall, of which I read online a biographical sketch by her son and it... 1:43 PM
  • Camille: Honey, thank you so much but I don’t Spotify——the only spots I know are on my guilt-ridden hands as in “Out, damn... 1:27 PM

Juan and two

I always think of Don Giovanni as half of the greatest opera ever written. Or, actually, about 2/3 of the greatest opera ever written. The first act is a masterpiece of the operatic canon. There’s sex, there’s danger, there’s suspense, there’s humor, and there’s absolutely great music. And there’s also a wonderful sense of ambiguity—for instance, what exactly is Don Giovanni doing in Donna Anna’s bedroom? is it a rape, or something else? Is Zerlina really just a naive young thing? “Batti batti bel Masetto” has such an artificial, coy feel to it that you have your doubts. All of these events converge in the suspenseful Act One finale.   Read more »

Change of pace

La Cieca has just heard that Joseph Kaiser, “due to unforeseen circumstances,” will not be able to participate in Sunday’s Voce recital. Julia Bullock will still be performing, joined by baritone Andrew Garland (pictured) and tenor Paul Appleby. (Photo: Ann Stucki)

West side, east side

Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera“Broadly speaking, there are two types of New Yorkers: the ones who say ‘I’m going to the Met’ meaning ‘I’m going to see an opera’ and the ones to whom the phrase means ‘I’m finally going to see those Piero della Francescas everyone has been talking about.’  Recently, though, opera showed up at both Mets, the Metropolitan Opera and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.” [New York Observer]

Boys in the Sand

Male fraud

Has Los Angeles Opera mentioned lately that Billy Budd has an all-male cast?

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Richard Bernstein is a very good-looking guy, even with his clothes on.”

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Montag mit Marianne

Our Very Own Marianne Leitmetzerin (pictured) has graciously shared a jewel from her vast coffer of recorded performances, a boon La Cieca hopes will become a regular Monday event here at parterre.

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Beware the abs of March

The pictured Zachary Gordin is only one (or, at most, three) of the plethora of pinups provided by this year’s 2014 Barihunks Charity Calendar, on sale now with all proceeds going to help support young artists and young artist programs.

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A pair of kings

Opera Teen (pictured) approves of this summer’s program at the Glimmerglass Festival.

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Leather underground

Putting in a little face time (and what faces!) at Charles Castronovo‘s cabaret at 54 Below last night were barihunk trifecta Erwin Schrott, Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Ildar Abdrazakov.

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Zachary Gordin

Opera pump

Happy birthday to baritone Zachary Gordin, cover boy for this year’s Barihunk Wall Calendar.

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