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“One of the most easiest pieces for me to record”

Turandot-NetrebkoLet’s try this again. Here’s a tease of Anna Netrebko‘s “In questa reggia,” this one totally legitimate and provided by DGG.  Read more »

You stepped out of a dream

Anna Hedy“Noch nicht fertig ist das Kleid für Anna Netrebko, das sie in der konzertanten Aufführung als Manon Lescaut tragen wird. 36.000 Swarovski-Steine werden dort aufgebracht.” [ORF]

Com’è sereno sul miracolo d’amor!

Anna ManonAnna gets veristic, both in the recent past and the not-too-distant future. Read more »

And then she said…

The cher public are invited to supply a caption to the above photo.

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“Gangway world get off of my runway,” she added

t appears from the image released above that La Cieca’s fanciful album cover for Anna Netrebko‘s forthcoming “Verismo” disc was not so far off the mark.

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La Cieca has the whole thing for you to listen to, cher public, as recorded Sunday afternoon.

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The swan never bothered me anyway

Cher public, you knew La Cieca would come through for you, didn’t you? So hurry past the jump and give a listen.

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Paranorma activity

“Due to Anna Netrebko’s recent decision not to add the title role in Bellini’s Norma to her repertory…”

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Dark of the moon

Anna Netrebko has withdrawn from the Met’s Norma scheduled for opening night 2017

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So near and yet so far

Here’s an extended clip of what the recent concert tour by Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov sounded like.

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