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Cape fear

anna-turandotAnna Netrebko and a ten-kilo evening cloak perform “In questa reggia,” complete and live!  Read more »

Bavarian idol

sachsFinally the postponed Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg takes to the web today with a streaming performance from the Bayerische Staatsoper starting at 10:00 AM EDT. The cher public are invited to assemble in Die Festwiese von La Cieca after the jump. Read more »

It was a euphoria beyond anything she’d ever felt on the stage!

grueling“Guiding her with his hand on her back, he instinctively understood whom she wanted to talk to and whom they should avoid. And she had forgotten how well he could move until he twirled her across the floor. The after-party, at which the women reclined on sofas while dangling their pumps from their toes and the men loosened their ties and drank Scotch, reminded them of a champagne ad. But mostly they were intoxicated with each other.” [New York Times]


Rubble man

Jarrett Ott performs the Kenneth Fuchs monodrama Falling Man tonight at the at the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

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Don Giovanni

Incomplete artwork

“He towered over the listless supporting cast like Daniel Day-Lewis guest-starring in a marionette show.”

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Split at the ‘seems’

“Elvira, for whom Mozart reserved his gentlest, most compassionate music…”

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And now a word from our sponsors

A big “thank you” to the lovely advertisers who help keep afloat.

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The Philadelphia Story

La Cieca thought you, the cher public, might enjoy the return of some classic episodes of Unnatural Acts of Opera.

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If you want to send a message, don’t use the ‘Telegraph’

Not Verdi but Elton John. Oops!

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O patria, quanto mi costi!

“The antagonistic themes of Aida seem to have spilled into the wings after a student production of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera was cancelled amid a row over suggestions of ‘cultural appropriation’.”

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