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Happy 91st birthday soprano Leontyne Price

The cher public are of course encouraged to post lots of video clips of Miss Price at her Priciest.

  • WindyCityOperaman
  • PCally
    • Luvtennis

      The length of breath is staggering. Ridiculous even. And her phrasing is magnificent because the technique allows her to meet the music head on with no compromises. And the final measures are just indescribable. If she had recorded nothing else….

      • PCally

        If this isn’t the “best” recording she made, it’s probably my favorite. So exciting!! Would have loved her to have a go at some of those high lying Strauss parts. Can understand her being hesitant about salome but she sounds ideal for the empress. But obviously she knew more than most singers the ideal way of conserving her voice, so maybe it’s for the best.

        • Luvtennis

          Plus those operas were not being performed much in those days. Except for Rosenkavalier, Salome, and Electra, not a lot of Strauss was performed in the great houses outside of Germany. His later work was still subject to critical scorn in those days.

          What I love is how utterly full-throated the singing is, like she is playing a violin.

  • Ivy Lin
    • cielo e mar

      Yes, Ivy! That’s Leontyne, no fooling around with the end of Vissi d’arte. Just pour it on. Or in Butterfly, “Guarda ben, a-MAAAAAAAAAH-re mio!” Who else ever got spontaneous applause there? A sound you had to love, almost as much as she did (per her own words). Happy birthday, dear Leontyne.

  • Antikitschychick

    Happy birthday Leontyne Price! I just watched this yesterday:

    Also, yesterday would have been Hildehard Behrens’ 81st birthday. I wanted to post this video in the “On This Day” thread but I haven’t seen one of those recently.

  • La Cieca
  • August

    Although I prefer Eleanor Steber, here is Price in good behavior and in a superior rendition to her impossibly mannered studio recording with Schippers.

    Knoxville: Summer of 1915

  • Camille

    WQXR has been playing various Leontyne selections and this morning, the most beautiful version with the most easy approach I’ve ever heard to Magda’s second air “Ore dolci e divine”. Just a stream of liquid gold.

    Happy Birthday and 91 more to our great American national treasure!

  • Tamerlano
  • Kenneth Conway

    Salome, final scene

  • Ivy Lin

    And let’s have some Christmas cheer in this thread …

  • MisterSnow

    For something different -- but very stylish

  • ER

    What a lovely tribute and such wonderful clips of her. I regret never hearing her live but happy she made so many recordings.